A GP in South Africa next year?

In 2023, the Formula 1 calendar could well host a Grand Prix in South Africa. Perhaps to the detriment of races in Europe, such as the French Grand Prix, which would then take place every two years.

The Formula 1 calendar could indeed continue to evolve in 2023. Indeed, the discipline seems to want to develop in Africa and Asia. But Stefano Domenicali, who is none other than the CEO of the championship, affirms that the Old Continent will not be neglected for all that. As for South Africa, as reported by the specialized website Motorsportwe thus seem to be heading towards a future race on the side of Kyalami. Liberty Media’s next goal, and maybe even next year. A new race which would thus also lead to an upheaval of the calendar, which would then have to be reorganized. Currently, a total of 24 races compose it. Next year, two new races are coming, in Qatar but also in Las Vegas, in the desire of the F1 owner to develop further in the United States. In addition, officials also want to group events geographically. Consequently, the Grand Prix de France could indeed take place, from now on, every two years.

“There are regions of the world that want to host Formula 1”

And Spa-Francorchamps could experience a similar fate. As for that of Monaco, it remains very uncertain. At the Business of F1 forum organized by the Financial Times and by Motorsport Network, Domenicali spoke about the subject of the calendar, in remarks reported by Motorsport “There are regions of the world that want to host Formula 1, and I think one area that we want to develop is Africa. We are a world championship, and this is a region where we are not present. We are working very hard to ensure a scenario where we will soon have a Grand Prix there. Then there is the interest of the Far East. But we obviously don’t want to lose Europe’s interest. We were born here and we will stay here. I hear a lot of things that are not true. The beauty of our situation today is that we have many options. And we are going to make the right decision, thinking about the strategy, thinking about the DNA of this sport, thinking about the fact that all the promoters want to work with us. »

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