The assertions published in Spain and repeated in France concerning an imminent agreement between Zinedine Zidane and Paris Saint-Germain would only be total fabrications.

Paris Saint-Germain supporters have been going through all the emotions for several weeks. After seeing Kylian Mbappé extend at the last moment when he seemed closer than ever to joining Real Madrid, now the name of Zinedine Zidane appeared with insistence this Friday, certain Spanish then French media even affirming that an agreement was on the verge of being found. But after a first cold snap signed by the adviser of “Zizou”, Alain Migliaccio, another to follow this saturday. And the atmosphere to be almost freezing now.

Speaker on the show ” We are replaying the match » aired on RTL, Dominique Sévérac gave his version of the facts. For him, none of what came out is true. ” It’s called fake news. I’m not saying that Zinedine Zidane hasn’t been approached by the Paris Saint-Germain galaxy, I’m telling you that what appeared yesterday, first in the Spanish press and then picked up in France by some rather adventurous media, I believe that it’s called fake news. Everything is false. There is no acceleration in Zidane’s case. »

A message sent to the FFF

However, the journalist advances his version of things and for him, the entourage of Zinedine Zidane would not be for nothing in these recent events. ” On the other hand, there is the will, we say ‘the Zidane clan’, to let the French Football Federation know something. I’m not saying Zidane is involved, I’m saying it’s his entourage, his clan. The idea is to say ‘I missed a great project called PSG which is one of the biggest sports franchises in the world where there is Kylian Mbappé one of the sexiest and most formidable players in the world, so please in six months and there will be the World Cup and it will end on December 18, whatever the result, give me the Blues because I refused PSG for to have the France team. »

Finally, Dominique Sévérac notes the timing relating to the rumors of Zidane at PSG. ” They did it on a Friday night. They informed the Spanish newspapers on Thursday evening to write on Friday morning. What was last night? Oh, there was Austria-France. A match of the France team. “Everything would therefore only be political calculations and Zinedine Zidane should therefore not come to take the place of Mauricio Pochettino on the bench of Paris Saint-Germain. Unless there is a new reversal of the situation in the days to come.

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