Zaniolo, a June of work to be ready.  Waiting for the market ...

Nicolò is attending a center in Pontremoli, where he had already enjoyed himself, alternating rest and specific exercises. Future: at the moment Roma has not called him for the renewal and offers from Juve, Milan and Newcastle are awaited

Nicolò Zaniolo is running. In the sense that, after the two years lost through injury, he is already looking forward to returning to the field. And since in the last part of this season he had to live first with a muscle discomfort, then with a pain in his ankle, which also made him miss the national team, he has already returned to training. In fact, a few days ago, after the week in Sardinia in which little Tommaso, the one-year-old son enjoyed a bit, Zaniolo returned to his home in La Spezia and from there he goes back and forth with the Kinemove Center in Pontremoli. , where he had already enjoyed himself a year ago.

The return

Obviously the situation was different: Nicolò came from two seasons in which he had had two crusader injuries to both knees – with Covid in the way – and therefore he really needed not to stop and work. This time, however, it comes from a goal, that of Tirana, which decided the final of the Conference League and comes from a season in which he played 42 games: never had he made so many in his young career. That’s why now he needs rest, but also a specific job that, from July, allows him to have brilliance and above all even more confidence in his enormous physical means.

Free head

The plan that Zaniolo follows, like the other players, is the one developed by the athletic trainer Rapetti which includes rest, training and then more rest. The work schedule provided for the attacker and his teammates is based on a key word: prevention. The club and the coach do not care too much that the players arrive in shape on the day of the meeting, they will have the time and opportunity to do so. It matters that they don’t arrive with too many extra pounds and that they arrive healthy and rested. For this the program was divided into three phases. Nicolò trains and dedicates himself to it body and soul, also trying to keep his head free, as far as possible, without thinking too much about market rumors. The situation, at this moment, is experiencing a stalemate: there are no contacts with the company for the renewal, the polls of Juventus, Milan and Newcastle have been there, but real offers and without counterparts, as Roma wants, no. Waiting to understand what will happen in the coming weeks, however, Zaniolo trains. After so much inactivity, the 42 matches of the season were just a starter and he can’t wait to leave.

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