Wallypower 58, no portholes: cameras in their place

The philosophy of the Italian shipyard is always innovative even for the latest yacht: the ‘magic porthole’ solves the problems related to the classic opening in the hull

Maurizio Bertera

“At Wally we often say that our yachts are 20 years ahead of their time and this boat is proof of this: the wallypower58 celebrates the innovative aesthetics of the wallypower118 almost two decades after its world debut” says Stefano de Vivo, managing director of a large Italian shipyard, founded by the Milanese Luca Bassani and which has made (and continues to make) the history of international boating. An example on the latest jewel is the “magic porthole”: considering that the side openings usually ruin the aesthetic purity of the hull, it was decided to remove them completely and to install a 4K resolution camera on each side of the boat (on the model of that some premium manufacturers mount on their more expensive cars) and gimbal stabilization. The two cameras are connected to two screens mounted to starboard and left in the saloon, creating a wide external view despite the absence of a porthole. In this way, less maintenance of the portholes is required, there is no risk of damaging the glass during an “English” mooring and, above all, maximum privacy is obtained.

large spaces

In the design of the superstructure, the wallypower58 combines many solutions that have made the most recent Wally models famous, such as the wraparound and pillarless windows on the windshield, the deep hatches that connect the bow and stern and the large social areas that overlook the surrounding environment. remaining, at the same time, sheltered from the sun, wind and spray. The windows, in addition to offering a unique panoramic view for yachts in this category, significantly improve safety in navigation by eliminating blind spots. Example of versatility, the wallypower58 is the perfect all-around to guarantee great comfort in all conditions and at any latitude: the top of the cockpit can be opened electrically to regulate ventilation, while the covered outdoor area can be air-conditioned during the most hours of the day. hot. In colder climates the cockpit can be completely closed. Thanks to the collapsible sides, the social areas reach unprecedented dimensions for yachts of this size: 25 m2 for the open stern area and 12 m2 for the sheltered and air-conditioned cockpit.


Over the entire outdoor area, the wallypower58 yacht stands out for its great flexibility, designed to meet all guests’ needs: in the cockpit, 12-16 people can sit in the large seats distributed between the two side benches and the part of the sundeck facing the bow. To starboard, the open table creates a comfortable dining area, which leaves the passage free on the left side. The kitchen, divided into two sections, can be configured as desired, choosing from a long list of options, including refrigerators, icemakers, hobs and storage compartments. In the interiors, flooded with abundant natural light from above, the concept of modularity is accentuated: the standard version features a full-beam lounge with day head – complete with separate shower – on the left. Natural light is provided by a large glass panel embedded in the main deck. Forward, the owner’s cabin boasts a queen-size bed and a private bathroom with shower.

volvo ips

As with previous models in the line, Wally has equipped the wallypower58 with the Volvo Ips system, which ensures a smooth transition for owners arriving from a smaller boat with the same propulsion configuration. On this new model, Wally has opted for a smaller block triple IPS configuration instead of the larger and conventional double unit: as a result, owners benefit from a wider and more balanced range of engine options, being able to choose between the units. triple Ips700 and Ips800, both on the D8 engine block. Both profiles guarantee a long-range cruising speed of over 30 knots.The ultra deep V-shaped hull is in line with the Wally design philosophy which prefers to offer a fast and comfortable cruising pace in all marine weather situations, rather than aim for extreme speeds in limited sea conditions. The result is that even with a wave formed, the owners of the wallypower58 will continue to sail in safety and comfort at 35 knots.

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