The funeral of the deceased Algerian footballer, Bilal Ben Hamouda, in a solemn atmosphere and in the presence of a large presence

Yesterday, Saturday evening, the body of the late Bilal bin Hamouda, player of the Union of the Capital and the local national team, was buried, after the news of his shocking death yesterday, Friday, in a traffic accident, and bin Hamouda died as a result of a tragic accident in the Fouka area of ​​Tipasa state while on his way to his family home accompanied by his friend. After he had a short rest from the national team camp, and a large number of the people of the wilaya and Algerian football stars were keen to attend the funeral, where Abu Bakr Siddik Boucetta, the wali of the wilaya, came at the head of the attendance, with Abdel Razzaq Sabeq, the Minister of Youth and Sports, and Majid Bougherra, the coach of the local national team, and said Muhammad bin Hamouda, Bilal’s father: “This is the son of Algeria, and he is not my son alone.” He added: “In the city of Hajout and Algiers, everyone loves him, praise be to God, and he meets everyone’s demands and he plays with everyone, and he is never arrogant, even though he is a professional player.” (24 years), the Algerian national team represented the locals last Thursday evening, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo match, and scored the second goal from a penalty kick during the victory (3-0) for the desert warriors. In another context, the Algerian Football Federation announced, the day before yesterday, Saturday, the camp was suspended. Preparatory for the local team after D this tragedy, mourning Ben Hamouda.

Bougherra: I am proud that I chose Ben Hamouda in the local team and we will miss him so much

Majid Bougherra, the coach of the local national team, spoke with sadness about the death of his player Bilal Benhamouda, following a traffic accident, accompanied by a friend of his. I cannot describe my pain with this tragedy that affected his family and me personally, without forgetting his friend Sayed Ahmed Watit. We lost two young men at the age of flowers.” God and his destiny, we welcome the departure of the cruel player.” He continued: “Bilal was a wonderful person, a talented player, enjoying the spirit of competition. He was educated and gave the example in seriousness. He also possessed qualities that made working with him easy, and he represented the national team with pride and pride.” And he continued. I am sad, and everyone here is sad, but we are very proud to know him, and proud that I chose him to represent the national team. Our hearts are all with you, and we ask God to bless them with His wide mercy.”

Sebakk: Bilal is the deceased of Algeria and Algerian sports
Abdel Razek Sabbak, Minister of Youth and Sports, was keen to attend the funeral of the player, Bilal bin Hamouda, striker for the capital city union, and the local team, and to offer condolences to his family and colleagues. The Algerian foot, but we do not say except what pleases God, to God what he gave and to God what he took.” And he continued: “Bilal is a player known for his morals and dedication. For this friendly mini-session with some neighboring countries, in which he was a participant, but as I said, we are Muslims and we only say what pleases God.” He added: “It is difficult for us to lose our youth in this way, but this is God’s decree and destiny, we ask God to bless him.” With his wide mercy.” And he concluded: “We ask God Almighty to grant his family patience and solace, and compensate them for the good of their son, may God have mercy on him, and put him in his spacious gardens, and we affirm that we are always by their side.”

Ashio: The funeral was attended by a large crowd, which confirms the people’s love for Ben Hamouda
Hussein Ashio, the former sports director of the Union of the Capital Club, also expressed his shock after the death of Bilal bin Hamouda, player of the local team and Al-Ittihad, following a tragic traffic accident. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.” He added: “This news was a great shock to us. At first we said that it was just lies, and later it appeared that it was true. What can we do? This is God’s decree and destiny.” And he continued: “The funeral was attended by a large crowd, and this He confirms the goodness of this player, and the nobility of his morals, so we ask God for his steadfastness when asked, and to be one of the martyrs because he died by burning.” He concluded: “May God have mercy on him and make him one of the people of Paradise. “.

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