The "bullshit" of Marion Rousse

Devoured by a passion for cycling from an early age, Marion Rousse made her parents see all the colors…

Runner then TV consultant and now director of the women’s Tour de France after learning the Tour de la Provence or: Marion Rousse’s life has revolved around cycling since her earliest childhood. And the same is true of her love life since after being married to Tony Gallopin, she has been Julian Alaphilippe’s campaign for three years.

And the Northerner was ready to do anything to live her passion, even if it means going against the advice of her father, himself a first-category runner while three of his cousins ​​have evolved in the professionals. Evidenced by the anecdotes delivered in the Borders podcast.

A first license in hiding

“I was tired of going to races and not doing any. At the table, I said ‘Dad, mom, I want to ride a bike in competition and get a license’. But my father told me ‘you’re kidding, it’s such a hard sport, you’re too young and you’re a little girl, it’s out of the question’ “, she recounted, adding: “MBut with the complicity of my mother, we went there on the sly and when he came back from work, I took out my little license card and I said to him: ‘it’s good.´ He was put in front of the fait accompli but told me that it will not be competitions every Sunday and the following Sunday, it was gone and it followed me throughout my career. »

My parents were scared

With a certain happiness since until she was 12-13 years old, it was not uncommon for little Marion Rousse to win races in front of the boys, even angering some parents. Wishing to put all the chances on her side for a career, she did not hesitate either, in high school, to go to Belgium. “I was in the last year of my science baccalaureate, I was going to have my baccalaureate and overnight, I said ‘I’m fed up, I can’t ride a bike as I want, I saw a school in Belgium that I like, I go there.’ And my parents were like, ‘What are you doing?’ They were scared,” she remembered.

A desire to run

Rebelote a few years later when he stopped his career to enter the media world. “They looked at me with wide eyes: ‘My god, the TV, they’re going to eat you. What are you doing ? Aren’t you happy with what you have?’” Radical choices she remembers when launching: “I did some bullshit about it anyway.” “My parents, when we talk about it again, they say to me: ‘Where does your character come from?’ she smiles now. We come from the North, from a working-class family, we don’t make noise, we’re good with what we have, we don’t go looking for risks and I’ve often had this desire to go for it. » To the point of becoming one of the faces of French cycling.

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