The 5 best announcements of the Summer Game Fest 2022

What are the high points of the opening event of the Summer Game Fest 2022? Between discussions about remakes and remasters, and not exciting announcements, here’s the point.

The E3 replacement signed by Geoff Keighley, la Summer Game Fest, was held on Thursday and brought in new trailers for a good number of exciting games between now and next year. Street Fighter 6, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare II were all there, and those aren’t even among the games we’ll be highlighting today.

Here is our list of the best announcements made during Summer Game Fest 2022. Be sure to add these releases to your calendar.

The Last of Us Remake comes out in September –

A leak that appeared a few hours before the show caused one of Keighley’s biggest surprises for the event to be spoiled, but it’s still worth mentioning. The Last of Us is about to receive a full remake that will be available exclusively on PS5, with a PC version coming later. This will take advantage of all the PlayStation 5 hardware, in addition to bring the animations and mechanics seen in The Last of Us Part IIincluding the elaborate physics and movement system.

The Last of Us Part I

This announcement came along with the confirmation of the game standalone multiplayer of The Last of Us. As it turns out, it’s going to be as big as other Naughty Dog titles, with its own story to enjoy and a whole new set of characters. We have only seen one concept art, but that’s enough to be curious and want to find out more.

Routine is back –

Routine was announced in 2012, so it’s understandable that you don’t remember it anymore. What for a moment looked like a sequel to Alien Isolation turned out to be a return to abandoned space stations, retro-futuristic technology and hostile robots. Yes, all of this is also in Alien Isolation and we look forward to it a somewhat similar concept herebut Routine feels like a return to that oppressive sci-fi vibe we’ve been waiting for since the day of the original presentation.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has Spider-Man and a date –

The Summer Game Fest also gave us a shimmering trailer of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the style approach XCOM to the Marvel universe. The new trailer showed Spider-Man for the first time, which is always a fan favorite, and we finally have a release date. We can expect to start playing Midnight Suns on October 7th.

Goat Simulator 3 Teases Dead Island (Again) –

Goat Simulator has teased an iconic Dead Island trailer again, and announced Goat Simulator 3. Goat Simulator 2 never happenedbut what does it matter? You can expect even more chaos from GOAT (does it happen?) In Goat Simulator 3, with all the flames and destruction that only a goat with a particularly sticky tongue can create.

The Callisto Protocol looks just like Dead Space, and that’s okay –

The Callisto Protocol had already been shown briefly, but this extended gameplay trailer showcased at the Summer Game Fest offered the most in-depth look at the game so far. It feels visceral, brutal, and gory, but steeped in a thick horror vibe to give you goosebumps. The game is in development by a few team Dead Space veterans, and it looks set to be the revival that fans of the series have been asking for for years.

Written by Dave Aubrey for GLHF

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