Sesto San Giovanni elects the mayor: the AC Milan stadium is also at stake

Waiting for the outcome of the administrative procedures in the Milanese municipality that could host the new plant. The outgoing mayor would like it, the challenger not

Sixteen hours to decide the administrative destiny of the city and, in turn, to deliver a clearer address on the future of what could be the new stadium of Milan and Inter (much more Milan than Inter). Sixteen hours, between 7 and 23 today: Sesto San Giovanni, the second most populous city in the Milanese hinterland (80,000 inhabitants), is among the Italian municipalities called to the polls to elect the new mayor. If it were Roberto Di Stefano to impose himself – who joined Forza Italia and then moved to the League -, it would be a reconfirmation after the historic election five years ago that he had handed over the former “Stalingrad of Italy” to the center-right for the first time . The challenger is Michele Foggetta, a center-left candidate (in his coalition also the 5 Star Movement), fresh from the support of the Milanese mayor Beppe Sala. The third wheel is Massimo Rosignoli (Action-Italy alive).

Plan B

The count will start at 14 tomorrow. Why so much attention from Milanese football on these elections? Simple: Di Stefano and Foggetta have quite different ideas regarding the feasibility of the new plant that would arise within the former Falck areas and which – it must be remembered – is currently only plan B with respect to the San Siro area. Which therefore remains the main destination, also because the project – the Cathedral of Populous – was already presented and approved some time ago, but which has seen time expand a lot. Delays that led Milan and Inter to put Sala in a tight spot: either the process restarts and accelerates or we go elsewhere. For Milan, in particular, that elsewhere would be Sesto San Giovanni, so much so that the new Rossoneri owner Gerry Cardinale visited the area personally in recent days, obtaining information especially on logistics, traffic and travel.

pros and cons

Everyone agrees as a backup plan, then? Not so. Di Stefano immediately supported the hypothesis, underlining what in his view would be a great return in terms of jobs and image. In short, the classic opportunity not to be missed, rattling off the strong points of the matter: 18 months to lay the first stone, lower costs, no public debate, proximity (via metro) to the center of Milan and Linate. The challenger Foggetta, who pointed the finger at the non-essentiality for Sesto of a similar project, has a different opinion, defining it as a non-priority issue and highlighting those that in his opinion represent various critical issues. The word at the polls, therefore. It goes without saying that based on the results, the hypothetical Sesto San Giovanni stadium would take different directions.

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