Perpignan wins at Mont-de-Marsan in the accession match and remains in the Top 14

The game: 41-16

Unable to score a single point in the second half, crucified by their yellow card (49th), period of inferiority during which they conceded thirteen points, and helpless when they were in turn in numerical superiority (62nd-72nd), the Mons will remain in Pro D2 next season. There is therefore for the first time since 2018 only one descent in Pro D2, that of Biarritz, the USAP retaining its place in the elite.

As often in this case of accession, the residents of the Top 14 could not really develop their entry game and, too stressed, too tense, stammered where they were expected to dominate. The rhythm of this cleaver meeting was not high and the opportunities were more often missed than improved. Witness the two highlights from Mons (29th, 43rd) and Perpignan (13th, 20th) which ended badly.

At the initial try of the Landes rear Yoann Laousse Azpiazu (4th) in first intention, the Catalans replied with that of Melvyn Jaminet (18th), and each time with a low kick to mystify the quickly mounted defense. The scorers Coly and Jaminet having furnished the score, the two teams were tied (16-16) at the break, and the tension rose a notch in the second half. In numerical inferiority (49th, dangerous tackle from Goneva), the Montois conceded two penalty goals signed Melvyn Jaminet (50th, 54th), author of a 100% against the goals, and especially a try from Jeronimo de la Fuente on an initiative by Mathieu Acebes (56th) transformed by the tricolor rear.

Clearly in the lead (29-16), the Catalans in turn found themselves at fourteen (62nd, dangerous gesture from Eru) but, braced in defense, did not let this success slip away in Landes. Better, during this delicate period, they showed nerve and initiated a sublime action behind melee for the test of Dubois (68th). This defeat is cruel for Montois who dominated the regular phase head and shoulders throughout the season, before cracking against Bayonne (49-20) in the final, then in front of USAP, and remain in Pro D2.


It is the first time since 2018 and the creation of the accession match that a Top 14 club has won.

The action: when Du Plessis fails his crossing

We played the 29th minute and the opener Willie du Plessis spun across towards the Catalan in-goal. The defense was slipping and the try was approaching. It was then that the Mons captain, who had eaten up all the ground diagonally when he had two partners on his right, crossed the pass with his back Laousse Azpiazu. However, he only had to run two more meters to score… The Mons defender, surprised by this choice, made a forward, wasting a golden opportunity. In a stadium that saw the Boniface brothers, Christian Darrouy and Patrick Nadal shine, this monumental gaffe did not stop talking.

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