Pedro Delgado and Philippa York, the reunion: "Cycling today has changed a lot compared to ours"

Lleg the expected reunion between Perico Delgado and Philippa York, formerly Robert Millar. In his time as a cyclist, Millar won the mountain jersey of the tour in 1984 and finished fourth. He was on the podium Giro (87) and in LaVuelta (85 and 86). He was the great rival of Perico Delgado in LaVuelta in 1985, from which the Segovian snatched the final victory with a breakaway in the penultimate stage with the finish line at –Palaces of Eresma (Segovia), that remains in the memory of the fans.

After retiring, Millar lived a little disappeared. Nobody knew about him. Years later she reappeared as a woman, Philippa York. Now he works as a cycling analyst in different media and races. York and Delgado talked about everything that surrounds cycling, their memories of the past and who are the big names of today and the immediate future.

“The mentality has changed. Society has more free time now, sports are practiced more… but the beginnings are never easy,” he said. Pedro Delgado.YorkFor his part, he also recalled his beginnings. “I started little by little, like Perico. At 16 years old. I was from the working class and I grew up. Today, the promotion of cycling has led many more people to join,” he said. York. Delgado recalled that she “had to go on an adventure because England didn’t have so much tradition, or structures, or almost anything.

from minus to plus

Luckily, that has changed: “The victories of Wiggins and Froome caused everything to change in our country. Now it is seen much more on television. The language has also changed from French to English within the peloton or in the media.” And that multiplies the impact.”

The growth of the feminine

“The level is very high and it is a matter of time before that average level increases. There are many girls now running. Before, in our time, the women’s Tour was run at the same time as the boys’. But I remember that when I won I was Longo and ASO left women’s cycling quite abandoned and that hurt. Here in Spain we entered a hole. Now the change in mentality is notorious and more and more girls are seen on the road,” explained the man from Segovia.

Something that York corroborated: “In England we are a little behind, because there is no support as clear as that of Movistar in Spain. I think that Ineos, for example, has not sought that market as women’s football does. In the case of cycling there is still something to do”. York and Perico, who recognized that “this cycling is different from their time”, gave the Malaga public a very special reunion.

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