Mister Cardinale, three deadlines to consolidate the relaunch of Milan

Twenty-two days. Many are missing until 4 July, when Milan will gather at Milanello to kick off the 2022-23 season, with the Scudetto on their chest. While there are 62 that separate us from the start of the next championship, which will start on the weekend of 13-14 August, earlier than usual due to the autumn World Cup in Qatar.

It may seem a little anxious – and it actually is a little bit anxious – to start talking about rallies and the next tournament when the echo of what has just ended has not yet died out … But so is life and the football can not escape the rule. So, remaining at the club in via Aldo Rossi, it is essential that the agenda for the next few days is well defined and that the various pieces of the mosaic fit together perfectly to allow Stefano Pioli and his staff to begin the journey towards new season on the right foot. In this regard, the interview given by Gerry Cardinale to Financial Times, in which, among other things, the man who picked up Elliott’s baton spoke about the conversation with Paolo Maldini. “We spent three and a half hours together, it was fantastic …”, revealed the owner of RedBird, adding to consider the former Rossoneri champion, now technical director and strategist of the masterpiece just completed, at the center of the club. so much so that renewal is considered the highest priority. Now, precisely by virtue of these words and in consideration of the times that are beginning to tighten, we believe it is right to pass from words to deeds.

And, without wanting to dictate the agenda to anyone, God forbid, in our humble opinion the next steps should be essentially three: the extension, in fact, of the contract of Maldini and his right arm Ricky Massara, with the staff who assisted in recent years and that has brought Milan back to where history wants it to be; the definition of the market budget, bearing in mind the priorities of a season that will see AC Milan still fight on three fronts, but this time with the tricolor on the shirt and with the legitimate ambition – indeed we could say the obligation – to overcome at least phase a Champions League groups, which will see him, at the time of the draws, in the first pot; the overall strategy of the market, which will have in Maldini and Massara the men in charge of carrying out a line that, again in our opinion, deserves to be continued because it has proved to be successful: that is, the enhancement of talents without making madness, extension of contracts to young people who have blossomed in recent years and who represent the future of the club, respect and consideration for the senators, who with their charisma have facilitated the explosion of the aforementioned talents.

It is clear that all that we have briefly summarized is much easier said than done. However, just at a time when AC Milan is being taken as a model, even abroad, as a virtuous example to obtain satisfaction from both budgets – the economic and the sporting one – it would be a sensational own goal to lose precious time or to believe that the club is enjoying of a kind of position rent due to recent results. It is precisely when you win that you have to move as quickly as possible, so as not to squander the advantage gained (Juventus and Berlusconi’s Milan for years have been masters in this type of attitude): also because those who have been defeated will certainly not waste time. to organize the legitimate rematch. So, dear Mr. Cardinal: now it’s your turn. Then there will be time to think about the stadium as well.

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