Inter, Sanchez becomes a problem.  Too many nos are blocking the market

From Spain, the striker’s favorite destination out of the Nerazzurri project, so far only doors in the face. Thus the agreement for the early termination of the contract is postponed, which would save 9 million gross

Not just Lukaku, Dybala and the other “hot” names coming in. At Inter we are working at a fast pace also to thin out the squad, reduce the amount of wages in the order of that 10-15% indicated by the owners and, only at that moment, make room for reinforcements. The road has been traced for some time, nothing has changed, not even now that the Marotta-Ausilio couple is working on the construction of a trident of wonders while, at the same time, is engaged in the search for a deputy Brozovic and new balances on the side lanes. At the moment, the stalemate that reigns around Alexis Sanchez is hindering the start of the tiring and ambitious Nerazzurri summer project. A parenthesis that, weighing a good 9 million (gross) a year, Inter urgently needs to close.


The Nerazzurri management was clear and communicated their intentions to Nino in unsuspecting times. No battle, for heaven’s sake, because in Viale della Liberazione there is not the slightest desire to go to the clash with a player who in the season just ended has in any case put his indelible signature on both trophies won, namely Supercoppa (complete with decisive goal in the 121st minute) and Coppa Italia. But the cost of the Chilean, especially in relation to employment and specific weight, remains unsustainable for Inter’s current parameters. Which, given the objective difficulties in finding any club willing to pay the price tag for a 33-year-old with high demands, would be ready to negotiate a severance pay to terminate the contract expiring in June 2023. In fact, the Chilean was given the green light to find himself a new arrangement, with the certainty of being able to find an agreement on the amount sufficient to say goodbye without regrets and with mutual satisfaction. A figure that, compared to the 9 million gross salary envisaged by the contract, could reasonably be around 4 million, just to make a parallel with the severance pay envisaged for Vidal. But if there is a precise clause for the midfielder, in the case of Nino it will be necessary to negotiate and find a meeting point.


The ball then passed to Sanchez, who was committed to finding a new team capable of satisfying economic and sporting ambitions. Because the Chilean is still aiming for prestigious jerseys, so much so that he has rejected the sender a concrete proposal from Galatasaray, the only one arrived so far. Too bad that, in the meantime, even the most popular solutions to Nino have disappeared, who did not hide the desire to return to Liga after the experience he had at Barcelona. According to the Chilean media, it is precisely on Barça’s door that Nino would have knocked in the first place, but received a polite refusal. After that, Sanchez collected repeated “no” from Atletico and Sevilla, two clubs that would have allowed him to compete again in the Champions League. In Spain there are at least five or six clubs that would make false papers to get him, he has implied the agent del Nino, but none of these could guarantee him to fight for some trophy.


The other two viable roads, which Sanchez did not want to hear about at the moment, are the return to South America (where River and Colo Colo would make false papers to be able to embrace him again) and the golden bridges of the Middle East (where he could snatch an engagement in line with what he has today at Inter). However, times are pressing and the Chilean may have to revise expectations, or at least sacrifice the sporting aspect for the strictly economic one. There is always the possibility of putting his feet up and grasping that year of contract that Inter would still guarantee him. But Sanchez is the first to have no desire to live a ballast year, with the risk of finding himself on the square in a year, in a waning phase. Finding a new team from which to start again to enjoy the last remnants of his career is Nino’s main goal, but he needs to intensify and accelerate the request, in his own interest and the Nerazzurri’s. The ground in Liga remains fertile, as long as requests and prospects are reduced, but if desired, Nino also boasts admirers in Ligue1 (above all Jorge Sampaoli’s Marseille) and Premier.

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