Henry Chavancy (Racing 92): “Yes, the season has failed”

Henry Chavancy (co-captain of Racing 92): “Until the middle of the second half, we were in the game. And then Bordeaux was able to regain the score and we weren’t able to make them doubt long enough. We thought if we got there, they might have overplayed. There, they took off too easily. Tonight, Bordeaux deserve their victory. We are very disappointed. It’s very brutal. It’s up to us to learn, to be less inconstant, to avoid going through roadblocks…

If the season is missed? Yes she is. When you play for Racing, you have the ambition to go further and win the title. The half of the European Cup lost against La Rochelle is not much to play for. But we can’t be satisfied with a quarter-final in the Top 14. It’s hard to say right away what needs to be changed for next season. Important players who marked the club will leave, like Maxime Machenaud, Teddy Thomas, players trained at the club like Teddy Baubigny, GH Colombe, but also Yoan Tanga and I forget some. Here we are sad. Racing must do better. »

Laurent Travers (Racing 92 manager): “It’s a big disappointment. We are well in place in the first half, with good intensity. We see that we are able to move the ball. And then come these five minutes of absence. Is it fatigue? We take a first try in the 47th minute then another on a big defensive error. In these matches, it goes very quickly. We wanted to go too fast, we put ourselves in the red and we exposed ourselves to counterattacks.

When you take two first-hand tries on two advantages for the opponent because your scrum is taken, it’s difficult. We take these tests too easily and after that triggers euphoria in the face. Yes, the scrum is backing up, yes it’s true. But afterwards we don’t have to lose one against one in defense. On the content, we are not satisfied this season. A European Cup semi-final, a quarter of the Top 14, many clubs would be satisfied with it, but not Racing because we want more than that.

Why did you start Volavola? We had confidence in Ben, but you have to know that Antoine Gibert had a broken hand. He played undercover. We try the gamble at the end but hey… Is Racing settling into negativity? Every year, there is only one happy. If every time you are unhappy, you have to question everything… Ask those who are unhappy if they are champions every year. »

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