Haaland at City aims ... to unseat Oasis: "If you want to put ABBA in the locker room, good luck!"

In the sacred rooms of Manchester City, the Gallagher brothers could soon see themselves overthrown … by ABBA. All the fault (or merit, depending on musical preferences) by Erling Braut Haaland. But a club source warns the Norwegian …

Who is the king of the locker room on a football team? The player who gives the speech to his teammates before the game? The one that everyone leaves the best seat to when going away? Not at all, in the hierarchies of the ball few count more in the sacred walls of the player … in charge of music. The pre and post game soundtrack is an integral part of a team’s rituals, but be careful not to make someone angry. Evra told Liam Gallagher via Twitter about when … he risked getting them from his teammates for putting Wonderwall in the Manchester United locker room, despite Oasis being undoubtedly the iconic band of Manchester City’s cousins.

Proof of this are the many clips over the years in which everyone from warehouse workers to Pep Guardiola (often with Noel Gallagher alongside) sing “Don’t look back in Anger” to celebrate the triumphs of the Citizens. But the Gallagher brothers may soon find themselves ousted … by the ABBAs. All the fault (or merit, depending on musical preferences) by Erling Braut Haaland. The Sun, explaining that in Dortmund, after the center forward admitted to being a fan of the Swedish group, the team celebrated the victories to the rhythm of “The winner takes it all”. And even the yellow wall of Borussia fans, once he learned of his striker’s musical predilection, often sang the ABBA song to his address.

But will Haaland be able to assert himself in a dressing room full of champions like that of City? A source inside the club, when asked about it, joked explaining that it will be difficult for the Norwegian to become … the Etihad DJ. “Good luck to him if he wants the boys to put ABBA in the locker room. There was chaos when Pablo Zabaleta said he wanted to hear something from Status Quo … But it’s also true that Haaland is a big boy, so don’t I think that next season there will be a lot of people willing to argue with him! “. The important thing is that the center forward doesn’t decide to put on … the rap song he recorded years ago with a group of friends. Although perhaps, if only for generational reasons, Flow Kingz could be more appreciated than ABBA!

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