Didier Deschamps admitted that Antoine Griezmann was going through a bad patch. But he still has faith in his playmaker.

Among the difficulties ofFrench team in this month of June, beyond the defensive errors which cost goals in each match and of a generally uncertain physical state, there is the case Antoine Griezmann. The Blues playmaker is going through a period, which has lasted since the start of 2022, and which cannot be summed up in his 22 matches without scoring, club and selection combined.

“He arrives with a deficit…”

In the game, in all areas, Griezmann is struggling, and Didier Deschamps agrees. “We have all had less favorable periods, replied the coach to a question from Bixente Lizarazu in Telefoot. The head, the legs, the two are linked. It’s not a question of positioning, because I use it in the position where it is best. He arrives with a deficit after his end of the club season, he cannot regain his feelings in a snap of his fingers. »

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But Deschamps, if he recognizes the current difficulties of the Mâconnais, does not intend to drop a player who has taken part in the last 64 meetings of the Blues without missing a single one. “I trust him, the group needs him. He’s not in his best shape, it can happen.”summarized the coach.

The Blues and Benzema in support

After Austria-France (1-1), several players of the Blues had wanted to support Griezmann, therefore Karim Benzema. “I’m not here to judge so-and-soreplied the Madrilenian. We are here to help all players, regardless of who scores or does not score. The main thing is to keep working. Anyway, at some point, he will score. We’re not here to say that it’s been so many matches that he hasn’t scored… I don’t see things like that. I hope for him, and us too, that in the next match he will score or make an assist. For me, it’s not specifically what to watch, you have to watch the other things he does. He makes a lot of defensive substitutions, he always helps the team. It’s just a bit of success, which I hope he will find again, for us and him, because we need it. »

Benzema is well placed to bring up the subject because he too, with Real or the Blues, has had long periods without scoring in the past. “I’m not the only one, all the players, all the great players: whether it’s Zidane, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo… he has to keep going, replied the probable future Ballon d’Or. But anyway, we’re not here to point a player. It will come back, for sure, he will score at one time or another. He must continue to help the team as he does. »

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