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vaa be a hectic summer for Gennaro Gattuso in Valencia. There will be work on the lawn, but also in the offices. Although it is true that the Italian coach has been working in the shadows for some time, there are still signings to be made and a squad to be formed. And of course, he, already with years of experience behind him, he has his preferences.

Being many the names that have sounded to accompany him in this new stage, we are going to select those that we could call ‘The men of Gattuso’. Let us begin:

Tiemou Bakayoko

Tiemou Bakayoko’s career is full of ups and downs. A dazzling promotion at Monaco, a disappointing stage at Chelsea… A process of rebirth at Milan (with Gattuso as coach and anger included with him), a year with lights and shadows in Naples. It was Gattuso who, after signing for the Neapolitan team, asked for it. Assignment to ‘dry prestito’, as they say in Italy. Chelsea wanted to get rid of him and sent him to the south of Italy.

“Gattuso defined him as a splendid boy, and he proved to be”declared Guintoli, Sporting Director of Napoli, months after Napoli’s signing. Before he blew up his brief spell in Florence (issues related to the club’s board and his agent, Jorge Mendes), he also asked to sign him for the ‘Viola’ club.

“Gattuso is like a father to me. We had a good relationship when we were together in Milan. We always kept in touch, even last season when we weren’t together. Here is the same, a little crazy, someone who likes to work…”Bakayoko confirmed from Naples.

alessio romagnoli

Although he approaches Lazio, in Italy they put him in the orbit of Valencia at the last minute. In his day, Milan paid more than 30 million for what he aimed to be the great Italian central defender of this decade. I did not meet. ‘Captain’ of the ‘rossonero’ team, he has had brilliant stages (the least) and others not so much (the most), but he has left a good memory at San Siro. However, surpassed by his competitors, he leaves as a free agent in search of new challenges.

With Gattuso he played 68 games (he has only played more with Pioli) and brought freshness in the ball from the left-handed central defender. A sober profile, with a good command of the aerial game but who suffers in the open field against fast rivals.

Diego Demme

The man who appeared when no one expected him. Born in Herford (Germany) but of Italian parents, they called him Diego after Maradona. Returning to Naples seemed like destiny. Although now he is a substitute and does not seem to be up to the task of a Champions League team (Napoli 3 in Serie A this year) he is a silent player, who always delivers from # 5 on the pitch.

With Gattuso it was essential (He alternated or shared the field with Bakayoko) and was a fundamental part of the rebirth of a Napoli that seemed finished after the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti.

Dries Merten

Napoli’s all-time top scorer. A little player. They call him ‘Ciro’ in southern Italy because although he was born in Belgium, he is already a Neapolitan. His contract ends on June 30 and although his desire is to continue, there is still no agreement with De Laurentiis to renew. This course has signed 13 goals in a ‘discreet’ season.

Regarding Gattuso, he played 60 games under the command of ‘Rino’, alternating between playmaker, right wing and forward position. He has a goal, a lot, and with age he usually plays closer to the base of the play than to the rival goal. She always contributes.

Pyotr Zielinsky

It will be the jewel in the crown. The Pole has lowered his performance in 2022 but is still one of the most talented insiders / dribblers in the ‘Calcio’. It seems that De Laurentiis has put it on the market but its value is high and barring an exchange or a ‘crazy’ outlay, it will be difficult to get it out of Naples.

“Zielinski? He can do everything. He seems to dance with the ball. When he is physically fit, he can cover the whole field. He is a complete player but he can still improve.”, declared the Calabrian coach. With Gattuso he signed 11 goals and 18 assists in 76 games, his best numbers on average. He has a privileged strike from the front and a last pass that many envy. Differential footballer.

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