Europeans, blue and silver in the compound: only Great Britain beats them

Elisa Roner, Marcella Tonioli and Sara Ret won the first blue medal in Bavaria. For Roner also the fourth place in the individual

The weekend of finals at the European Championships in Munich, Germany, began with a silver for Italy. Elisa Roner, Marcella Tonioli and Sara Ret won the first blue medal in Bavaria, stopping only in the compound final against Great Britain (Carpenter, Gibson, Stretton) with the result of 229-232.

The game starts on the parity tracks, the first volley ends 58-58, then the British put the turbo and in the second set they get the three points advantage (58-55) that will determine the final result of the match. The blues try to recover, in the third set they gnaw a point (58-57), but with the last six arrows (58-58) they fail in the comeback and therefore get on the second step of the continental podium.

Blue satisfied after the final, even if Roner admits: “We were hoping for gold, we are still happy even if we had a bit of bad luck in some arrows”. Sara Ret also looks to the future: “Last year we took bronze, this time silver, we’ll try again on the next occasion”. Same thought for Marcella Tonioli: “We could have done something more, but as my team mates said we will try again and we are happy with this silver”. To close the words of the head of the sector, Flavio Valesella: “The girls were very good, they did excellent things in qualifying and in the clashes, I can congratulate all three”.

Roner fourth

Unlucky final for Elisa Roner who ends her adventure in fourth place, after the defeat in the final for the individual compound bronze with the Turkish Ayse Bera Seuzer 142-144. The blue starts better than after the first three arrows takes the lead 29-28, but the opponent immediately recovers the disadvantage and brings everything back in parity with the 30-29 of the second volley. The match starts again from 58-58 and even in the third set neither of the two archers manages to put their heads forward (29-29). The fourth volley is the decisive one for the final result because Suzer puts the arrow and overcomes the Italian 29-27 who then begins the last round of arrows under 116-114, a mountain too high to climb, and so the 28-28 final only serves to certify the success of the Turkish archer. An excellent result for the young archer from Rovereto, who had also touched bronze in the European Grand Prix in May, confirming herself as one of the best European compound athletes at the age of 21.

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