Deschamps before the game against Croatia: "We should all complain"

“Do the constraints of this end of the season, in your team compositions, annoy you?
Nothing annoys me, I adapt, I make sure not to take risks with those who have little worries. This is not a squad review, but all the teams have to change from one game to another, at the end of the season, without forgetting the small problems that occur during the previous game. I started with this idea, but in relation to the future, it’s a very good thing.

“It is not because we have been playing with four for two matches that the defense with three is thrown away”

You had been playing with a three-man defense since September. Here are two matches that you play with four. Have you changed your mind ?
I haven’t changed my mind, they are just different options. I left with the idea of ​​putting the eleven in their best place. It is not said that we have a single system, and we can even change during the match. The options existed before, and it is not because we have been playing with four for two matches that the defense with three is thrown away. In competition, it will come out at one point or another, or not. But it’s rather interesting, insofar as we are less predictable for the opponent.

Mike Maignan will therefore play a second time…
I had planned at the beginning of the internship to rotate like that. Compared to recovery, I left like that. But I’ll tell you again: so much the better if we have two very good goalkeepers, but as long as Hugo maintains his level of performance, as he has done all season with Tottenham and with us… But it’s also important for Mike to play more in a few days with us than in a year and a half.

How do you manage Kylian Mbappé, athletically?
I manage. Of course it’s not 100%, but it was expected to be half an hour in Vienna (1-1 in Austria), it’s not because we were trailing that he came into play. This is the last game, we have to make sure to regroup all our forces to finish well, with Kylian and those who can play . I’m doing with fatigue, I’m not going to complain either. There was fatigue, or decompression after successes, small glitches, three players who left the group (Varane, Kante, Lucas Hernandez), but my colleagues also have situations to manage. I’m not going to complain, even if we coaches should all complain…

Jonathan Clauss is the only outfield player who hasn’t started. Can he play four?
He has the qualities of a piston. He can play four, but the requirements are not the same. He can do it, but I don’t want to put him in trouble. If we have the ball, it’s not a problem, but defending as he does in a club, or in a four-man defense, it’s not the same thing. »

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