Cappellotto awarded by Amnesty International: "Afghans competing in July"

The first Italian road world champion engaged with the “Road to Equality” association to help some cyclists to escape from Afghanistan. “Now the Granfondo are running, in a month they will have the first races”. Bugno was also present at the awards ceremony in Verona

Alessandra Cappellotto was the first Italian to win a road world championship: it happened in San Sebastian, Spain, in 1997. Once the competitive activity was over, the Vicenza-based woman was committed to the development of women’s cycling: thanks to the collaboration of ‘Accpi and of the Cpa (the Italian trade union, led by Cristian Saves, and the world trade union headed by Gianni Bugno), founded the women’s section of the Cpa, of which she is the general manager. And then there is all the social activity with “Road to Equality”, to help the girls of those countries where cycling for women is not easy. Hence the commitment in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa.

Award ceremony Today in Verona Alessandra Cappellotto was awarded by Amnesty International during the national assembly of the association. You received the Amnesty “Sport and human rights” award from the jury chaired by the former Rai commentator, Riccardo Cucchi, for your commitment to solidarity and in favor of the rights of the weakest. In this case, you for helping some Afghan female cyclists escape Afghanistan last year after the Taliban took over. Present Gianni Bugno, world president of runners; the paratrooper colonel of the Folgore, Roberto Trubiani, military attaché in Kabul and on the front line in August 2021 in rescuing the Afghans; Silvia Ricchieri, director of the NGO Cospe, which took care of the Afghan women cyclists; Anita Zanatta, vice president of “Road to Equality”. But the best gift to Alessandra was given by five Afghan girls present in Verona: protected by masks to preserve their identity, they wanted to intervene to express their thanks to Vicenza.

Projects Cappellotto explains: “Here in Veneto we welcomed 12 Afghan cyclists and 2 cyclists. They all have refugee status, with an Italian identity card. The girls have been registered with the Valcar team and are Italian for Federciclismo, so they can participate in all races. So far they have competed in some Granfondo, such as Alé last week in Verona, and we plan to have them run the Sportful Dolomiti Race next Sunday in Feltre. They are good, they broke me off on the plains at the Granfondo Alé … Some go to university, alternating between study and cycling. In general, they need to be used to our races, to our way of cycling, to seeing so many people around. I think that by the end of July they will be able to play the first real races. One is a minor, another is 18, then we gradually reach the age of 21: so they can run both the junior and elite races, or the open ones. But we are certainly not in a hurry ”.

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