Cannavaro disputed: Galatasaray relaunches, Poland makes a comeback

The Istanbul club must vote for the new corporate structure, but a World Cup challenge is also looming for the Neapolitan

Browse the daisy, Fabio Cannavaro: Poland or Turkey? On the horizon these are the destinations proposed at the 2006 Golden Ball, which has been standing still for almost a year – after the experience in China – and waiting for a European bench of a certain thickness to build something interesting. At the moment the options proposed are the Galatasaray of Istanbul and the Polish national team who seem ready to return to the office, after having tried hard last January, before the world play-off, where the Poles reached the final directly and then beat. (qualifying) Sweden 2-0.

New balances in Istanbul

But let’s go in order, with the latest offer received by the former captain of the Azzurri. From Istanbul he was contacted by Galatasaray, or at least by a part of the club that is currently going to the elections to appoint a new presidency after the “disheartened” by Burak Elmas in a nightmare season for the historic club, which even had to fight to save their participation in the Turkish top flight. There are two different groups of entrepreneurs in the running. One of these intends to choose a western sporting director and Fabio Cannavaro as coach for an immediate relaunch in the league and then in the Champions League, as per tradition. The Italian technician has shown interest in the project, but in the meantime it will be necessary to see what the new leadership in power will be.

After several no …

The long experience in China – between Guangzhou and Tianjin, almost seven years – had led him to decide to bet in Europe, on a stimulating project. But so far he has preferred to say no to various offers. Starting with that of the Polish national team in January, then even Zurich in Switzerland and Espanyol in Spain did not convince him, while the speech of being able to finish at Salernitana was barely touched, given Nicola’s confirmation. “It is not a question of money, but of prospects. I want to work on a project that maybe focuses on young people and not necessarily in the top flight ”, he said in an interview he gave us a week ago. This is why Galatasaray’s approach, the ambitions of a club that has international tradition today tempt him and he waits to understand which management will lead the Istanbul club and if that can be the right bench for the relaunch in the old continent.

Surprise call

Instead, it came from Poland. Which Cannavaro definitely did not expect. It is true that after the January visit to the new federal president Cezary Kulesza, relations had remained excellent, despite the coach having said no to the hypothesis of signing for two and a half years with Lewandowski and Zielinski’s national team. But this flashback was also unexpected for the Neapolitan coach. Evidently there is something wrong between the team and the current coach Czeslaw Michniewicz, who nevertheless achieved the world qualification in March. But evidently the heavy defeat suffered against Belgium in the Nations League (6-1!) Has left several questions within the Polish federation. Questions that even last night in the match in Rotterdam against the Netherlands were not answered. Yes, because despite the Poles taking the lead 2-0 (goals from Cash and Zielinski), Michniewicz’s team got back together and in the end they didn’t lose just because Depay missed the decisive penalty by hitting the post in the recovery. What will be the idea of ​​the Polish federals at this point: will they really want to change technical leadership five months before the world championship in Qatar? That flashback on Cannavaro would say yes. At this point, a lot will also depend on next Tuesday’s match, where Poland is expected at home for a test of redemption against the Belgium that mortified them a few days ago. But if Fabio in January decided calmly for the “no” to lead the red and white national team, now his position would be different. Because in the meantime the offer he was waiting for has not arrived, even in Italy, and returning as a protagonist in a World Cup would be something particularly stimulating for him. Meanwhile, Cannavaro will fly to Cluji today. No, no contact in Romania, only the presence on the pitch for Adrian Mutu’s farewell to football. Then, who knows: a flight to Istanbul or another to Warsaw will decide the future of the ambitious Neapolitan coach.

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