Boston and the "hardest way": mistakes not to be redone to take race-5

Tatum: “It’s the Finals, winning doesn’t have to be easy.” Complicating life alone, as coach Udoka admits, is a defect that risks holding back the Celtics

“We must always choose the most difficult way”. The words of coach Udoka after the defeat in game-4 with Golden State well photograph the history of Boston in these playoffs: removed the series against Brooklyn, dominated with a clear 4-0, the Celtics have always chosen the most complicated way to arrive to success. See the semi-final with Milwaukee, with the home defeat in Game-5 when things looked good for the Celtics, or the one at TD Garden with Miami in Game-6, which forced Boston to beat South Beach in Game-7 to earn the Finals. Boston did it again: in Game-4 he put Golden State on the ropes, he cherished the possibility of going 3-1 and instead yesterday took the flight to San Francisco in a draw. “3-1 would have been the best scenario, but these are the Finals. And it doesn’t have to be easy, ”said Jayson Tatum.

the easy way

This inability to do simple things is the first mistake that Boston must correct by thinking about Game-5, scheduled at 3 am on the Italian night between Monday and Tuesday at Chase Center. “We don’t do it on purpose, I swear to you – says Tatum using colorful language -. We try, we do our best to win easily, but there are some things we need to correct, starting with turnovers ”. The easiest route to victory would have been to finish the job, knock out Golden State in Game-4, after giving a constant feeling of superiority throughout the first half, and show up in San Francisco with a match point. “We had our chances – says coach Udoka of game-4 -, but every time we had a 5-6 point advantage we made mistakes that allowed them to get back into the game. It’s a constant throughout our season, especially in the playoffs. Luckily we know what lies ahead, we’ve already been through this with Milwaukee and Miami. We know that we can do it, that we can win anyway because we have already done it ”.


To win, Boston will have to do what it did for all the playoffs: avoid losing two games in a row. Against Milwaukee first and then Miami, and also in these Finals against Golden State, the Celtics have always found a way to recover. “This team has proven all year that when their backs are against the wall they know how to respond,” says Al Horford. Obviously we have an important challenge ahead, but it is one that we must embrace. We have to understand how to be better and then be able to make it happen ”. Even in the game-4 defeat, Boston confirmed to be the most physical team, the one that knows how to defend best. But it is the offensive blackout of the last quarter, the one in which the Celtics shot with 33% (including the 1/5 of Tatum, still below their standards), which cost them the defeat. The stagnant attack, the inability to find alternative solutions, is another mistake not to be made anymore. “We know where we are: these are the Finals, there is no other series after this one – explains Jaylen Brown -. We all know it in the team, we know that in Game 5 we have to take the field and play like the Celtics ”. That way that led Boston to two victories from the title, which allowed them to always respond to a defeat.

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