Belgium hung, it's the fault of the VAR

Roberto Martinez was very angry after the draw conceded by Belgium in Wales (1-1) on Saturday evening in the League of Nations.

Like other big names in European football, such as France or England, Belgium has been blowing hot and cold since the start of the Nations League. After the slap received against the Netherlands (1-4), the Red Devils revived by correcting Poland (6-1). But Saturday night Kevin de Bruyne and his teammates were held in check in Wales (1-1).

The Belgians led in the score following the goal of Youri Tielemans (51st), before suffering badly from the equalizer of Brennan Johnson (86th). “I’m a bit confused. I don’t understand how we could allow this goal, railed coach Roberto Martinez at a press conference. For me, the Welsh goal is completely offside. The referee had signaled offside and then the VAR corrected this decision. We owe an explanation because the lines drawn by the VAR did not seem straight to me, they were not parallel. »

Belgium demands accountability

I expect an explanation at the highest level, chained Martinez. It is important for UEFA or for FIFA. The lines drawn for the VAR do not work. It becomes almost comical. We need a computer program that clearly shows us who is offside or not. With the use of 3D or whatever… but the lines, please! We are in a business worth billions and we have these images which are ridiculous. This is not serious. As a Federation, we owe an explanation. »

The coach of the Red Devils could not remember anything else from the match than this fact of play at the end of the match. ” It hurts me for the players. We didn’t deserve to give Wales that goal. We can talk about the performance, we can demand that we be better and I accept that, but this decision… please! It is not a reliable system. Tonight, the referee had made the right decision and he was contradicted by a faulty system. It is very frustrating. »

The problem with this action is that the camera used to judge the offside is not perfectly in line with the last Belgian defender, which poses a problem of perspective. The system that places the lines on the ground is supposed to correct this aspect, and it is theoretically reliable.

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