Vidal, gold bridges from Qatar.  Chilean at a crossroads, Inter hopes for a discount ...

The Warrior tempted by the relaunch of the Al Rayyan: two-year at 8 million dollars per season. The other option on the table is the Flamengo. The Nerazzurri are hoping for at least a 4 million discount on their severance pay

On the one hand the prestige and the possibility of continuing to compete for great goals, on the other the petrodollars and the prospect of a rich early retirement. Arturo Vidal only has to choose, with Inter interested spectators waiting to complete the announced separation from the Chilean, at a cost that is perhaps lower than expected. According to rumors relaunched by La Tercera, in the two-man race for Vidal between Flamengo and Al Rayyan there would have been a sudden overtaking of the Qataris, thanks to a juicy relaunch that would be shaking the certainties and plans of the Chilean midfielder. In any case, the “Warrior” will make a final decision within the next two weeks.


If until a few days ago the one between Vidal and Flamengo seemed an announced marriage, complete with meetings and general agreements between the parties, the scenario has changed in the last 24 hours. The call of the petrodollars and the tight court of the emirs have changed the cards on the table and, according to sources close to the player, now Vidal would no longer be so convinced of giving priority to the ambitious sporting project proposed by Flamengo. The Brazilians would in fact allow the Chilean to play in prestigious stages such as the Libertadores, with the declared goal of winning it, all in the face of a salary of 3.5 million dollars (+ bonus), that is to say what the star of the team perceives. (Gabigol). However, Al Rayyan is reportedly making inroads thanks to a monstrous raise that doubles what Brazilians have offered. After an initial proposal of 5 million for one season, the Qatari would have in fact gone up to 8 million a year for two seasons, that is 16 million total.


Put like this, it would be the classic offer that cannot be renounced even for someone like Arturo who, at the age of 35, would like to continue at high levels for another season or two. For Vidal, accepting the Qatari proposal would mean going to earn even more than he does now at Inter, a scenario that was almost unthinkable until yesterday. To make the Chilean waver, claims La Tercera, there would also be a recent family “feud” costing him the beauty of 5 million dollars, those that would have stolen his cousin Carlos Albornoz in recent years through various scams and for which he filed a complaint at the end of April. In all this, Inter observes the evolution of the situation with the certainty of saying goodbye to the Chilean at the end of the month by paying the fine foreseen for the early termination of the contract expiring in June 2023. The Nerazzurri will have to pay Vidal an amount close to 4 million euros, but the hope of being able to negotiate lower has not faded. Or even to give only the card.

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