They have sex while driving but crash into a van

The clash took place in Florida. An SUV carrying a man and a woman invaded the opposite lane colliding with a van. The occupants of the two vehicles were slightly injured

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When sex can lead to traffic accidents. The latest episode took place in Fort Lauderdale, a city on the southeastern coast of Florida (USA), 45 km north of Miami. As reported by the news of the area Abc Local 10in fact, the distraction caused by sexual intercourse would be at the basis of the collision between a Nissan SUV driving with a FedEx brand van. The accident occurred in the late afternoon on the corner of North Ocean Boulevard and 19th Street.

lightly injured

According to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue officials who rescued the woman aboard the SUV she was giving oral sex to the man behind the wheel. At that point the driver invaded the opposite lane and then crashed into the FedEx van, which had two people on board. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. The employees of the transport company and the woman suffered only minor injuries, the driver of the Nissan a wound in the groin area.

destroyed the car

For the two vehicles, however, it was much worse. The damage suffered is enormous. In the crash, the front of the Nissan SUV went underneath that of the FedEx van. A collision that fortunately led to the activation of all the airbags in both vehicles. While it’s unclear, it still reports Abc Local 10whether the protagonists of the accident were sanctioned or not by the police.

if accidents are fatal

What happened in Florida is not the first of its kind. According to a study of students from the University of South Dakota, 33% of boys and 9% of girls engaged in sexual activities while driving. And several of them admitted that these acts led to oncoming traffic invasions while driving their cars. Some accidents, then, ended in tragedy. Last year, a man from San Jose, California killed a woman and injured two people. In 2015, also in Florida, a driver fatally hit a cyclist.

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