The press conference of Luis Enrique and Jordi Alba, live

Jordi Alba speaks

Salary cuts at Bara, are you upset?

“What I have to talk about with the club I will talk about in person, nor should anyone find out what I talk about with the club. I already held a press conference last year. There should be no doubt about the commitment of the captains. We know the difficulties of the club and there should be no doubt about the commitment. What is said I cannot control nor do I want to. The needs of the club are what they are and we will be there to help. The four captains will help and those who want to help It is the line to follow, we have always been committed to the club and we will continue to be”.

Left back, a lot of competition

“Since Luis Enrqiue has been here, he has given confidence to many players, not only in my position. The position of left-back is very expensive and we are aware of it. I also spent a long time without coming and the coach does not marry anyone. He likes the competition, that there is rivalry within the team. I think it is good for all the players that there is that competition in each position”.


“Every year there are more games, but I think the players are also more prepared. It’s a calendar that is the right one. Coming to the national team, I was here for a long time, and I take it with more enthusiasm. We are forming a great family, already We’ve been together for a few years. New people come who are adapting well and it’s a pleasure to come to the selection”.

Luis Enrique speaks

What did you mean by Gavi

“It’s a broad spectrum so that everyone can draw what they see fit. It’s a good phrase that will come in handy for everyone, outsiders and insiders alike.”

balls behind the back

“Czech Republic caused us problems with balls that were easy in theory but they caught us wrong. We weren’t good in the first pressure and that caused us problems”.

Equality at the level of selections; any above?

“I’m going to take advantage: Argentina, I see it above the rest. And Brazil too. More than anything because some Brazilian media will come and say ‘you said that Argentina is above’. Argentina and Brazil, well above the rest”.

La Rosaleda, any anecdote?

“I don’t have any anecdotes, what I do have is sad, I remember my friend Arnau when I come here.”

Busquets and Gavi

“I’m not going to compare Busquets with anyone because anyone is going to lose out, much less someone so young.”

iiigo martinez

“I am not going to take any risk with any player of the national team. I do not take risks, if we have ever taken risks and they have been injured, it has been at the express wish of the player. In the World Cup it will be the same intention. Iigo received a stomp on the training, his finger is quite swollen. Tomorrow we’ll see. We didn’t want to take risks, tomorrow we’ll see if he’s available”.

note to selection

“I wasn’t a very good student. I’m not very good at giving grades. It wasn’t bad, my children are listening to me, but it wasn’t excellent. very good grade.”


“I have three starting goalkeepers and today Unai Simón has played all three games. I want all three on tiptoe, thinking they can participate. I’m delighted. Any of the three could play. What’s going to happen tomorrow? You’ll see tomorrow. We have to be prepared to be a competitive team, that doesn’t notice casualties, due to injury, poor form or whatever. The three goalkeepers give me a lot of peace of mind”.

Gavi, does he look like you?

“No. Gavi still has a lot to improve, on and off the pitch”


“Any of the strikers, the wingers can all play as a 9. The 9 that I have brought not all of them can play as a winger, Álvaro can play. On a defensive level, if there is a 9 like Álvaro in Europe, he equals him, overcoming does not surpass him none. And he has been very good with the ball. What are we looking for? There is an offensive and a defensive facet. Perhaps other teams focus only on scoring goals. With us, if he doesn’t do the defensive work, it’s no good for us”.

World Cup candidate?

“Look at the results of the other groups in League A, no one cares about that. Look at the Nations League and World Cup champion France. Nobody wins easily. If you want us to be different, we’re not different. It’s impossible.” , but not for us, for everyone.


“I have no doubt that Ansu will return to his level. A unique player in his relationship with the goal, I totally agree. With youngsters you don’t have to be in a hurry, quite the opposite. Ansu is coming off a very difficult year, overcome, s, but you have to be with the necessary rhythms that I consider for the player”.

Luis Enrique Y Jordi Alba appear at a press conference prior to the match that Spain play this Sunday against the Czech Republic (20:45) in The Rose Gardencorresponding to the fourth day of the UEFA Nations League.

Spain has so far two draws and one victory in the first three days. One of the draws was against the Czechs in prague (2-2). Luis Enrique’s men need the victory to continue opting for the Final Four, since Portugal Does not yield.

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