The new life of Facchetti jr: "From Lega Pro to padel to Inter. And it's not a fashion"

After his career as a footballer and his one in the Nerazzurri youth staff, another challenge: “The first time I played was 12 years ago thanks to a passionate Inter fan.”

Francesco Sessa

Player up to Lega Pro, then in the technical staff of the Inter youth teams – also in the first team in the Vecchi parenthesis, in 2017 – and now a padel instructor. Luca Facchetti, son of Giacinto, is taken by the new challenge with the racket. But don’t call it fashion: “It’s an immediate, fun and unifying sport. Then, from having fun to playing well, a world goes by …”. He who has seen Treble Inter Milan closely (“I did my rehabilitation in Appiano Gentile after an injury”) now has a mission: to train new padel players, a recent passion that monopolizes everyday life.

Luca, do you remember the first time you played padel?

“Twelve years ago in Bergamo, there was a gentleman who owned gyms and a padel court. Since he was a passionate Inter fan, he invited me to play. At the time I had started playing tennis again, there were very few of us at padel. Then an accident : after having thrown back on the glass, the ball hit my eye. Cornea and retina damaged. I was afraid it would get worse, I told myself to let it go and keep playing tennis “.

“I played tournaments and I was classified. Then my son was born and I wanted to spend time with him, as well as being taken with Inter: I had free mornings to play but it was difficult to find people to have fun with, in the afternoon I had training”.

How was the passion for padel reborn?

“Three years ago I played with my sister, Barbara. From there I picked up and found myself playing every day.”

How did you manage the tennis-padel relationship?

“I realized that, playing padel, I was having a hard time playing tennis. So I chose the first one”.

And then he became an instructor.

“Last year a friend of mine opened fields in Gessate, near Milan. I was a full-time father, he asked me if I could give him a hand. I took the course and got the patent, I started a little bit for I play and now I spend whole days teaching: in fact it is a full-time job “.

“I play little, I don’t have a regular partner but I do some tournaments. I don’t care about having a ranking: I like to improve myself and I go to class, but I’m 44 years old … I play for fun”.

What age are your pupils?

“I train eight-year-olds as people of 67. They are mainly amateurs, beginners and intermediates.”

What is the most complicated aspect of the game to teach?

“It is very subjective, as in any sport there are people who are more predisposed and others who struggle more. But I would say that the greatest difficulty is understanding how to use glass”.

Problem especially for those who come from tennis.

“Exactly: in tennis when the ball passes you it is lost, in padel it is in play and can be attacked with a forward run. At the beginning I too struggled and I see the same difficulties in some guys I train”.

So padel is not a fashion.

“Many are intrigued by the fact that it is a sport practiced by many famous personalities, such as footballers. Which is like a showcase. But padel is strong because it doesn’t take much to have fun, even when self-taught. Most people never have. taken a lesson, many have never played a sport and start playing padel even at an advanced age “.

Why didn’t it go with football?

“I played up to C, in Cuneo I had made the first year in 2006 when my father was not well: finished the championship, I wanted to get closer to home and I moved to Crema in C2. But I was not very present and I played little. year later we reached C1, I moved to Como and I achieved another promotion. The following year, 2010, was that of the foot operation, with rehabilitation together with the Inter staff. I couldn’t get out of it, I could go to other teams but I didn’t feel like it. “

And he joined the youth staff.

“I played from the very young to the Primavera with Vecchi – of which I was also deputy in the first team – and Madonna”.

Are you happy for the Primavera championship?

“A lot, Chivu deserves it.”

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