The lessons of 'Live': "It was a pact of love to survive"

De lessons can be learned from a tragedy. well you know Gustavo Zerbinoone of the 16 survivors of the tragedy reflected in ‘They live’.

October 12 1972 a plane left Montevideo, was going to Chile, but crashed in the Andes. All her passengers and crew died there except 16 players of a rugby team. They even came to eat body parts of those who died.

This story shocked the world when it was known, 72 days later, when, at last, they were rescued. One of those who remembers her the most is Charles Sovereign, who wanted to present Gustavo Zerbino’s talk at the Thyssen Museum. “I think you were already special before the accident. We, the rest would have died. Now you’re essential.” said the popular journalist.

Zerbino narrated the events and how they got out of this situation. “It was a pact of love to survive. The greatest energy there is is love. With love, hate dissolves. In favor of that you have to work, peace begins with a smile. I am always willing to support “, summarizes her.

The Uruguayan believes that it was a matter of faith, friendship, trust, being united, like when they even hit each other to feel, to mitigate the pain and avoid freezing.

Extreme conditions

Not surprisingly, everything was extreme. “We had a lack of oxygen, your nose and ears were bleeding, it was hard for you to get up. The body was as if pressed. It was between 30 and 40 degrees below zero at night,” she described. But the positive attitude emerged. “We choose to dignify life. It was necessary to put what was missing, to pulverize the limits. That’s why we made the pact. I, for example, even promised to collect objects for relatives. Pain is inevitable, but it is relativizable. We choose to be protagonists of our lives. We had faith “, he declared before a stunned public in front of the talk.

Attitude to life

That team spirit, which has been transferred later, as they continued to see each other over the years, maintaining friendship, was key. And they were kids between 18 and 22 years old. The unshakable hope. “We do not want those who only had negative thoughts“, he confessed. Because Gustavo has made this experience a lesson to be transferred to the whole world. He travels transmitting that we have to get up, live life, that we must not accept what comes to us, but be rebels and fight for the precious gift Sobera, like the rest, could only applaud at such thoughts and wish her example would spread among humanity.

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