Tennis, it's time for “Gaibledon”: Italian Wimbledon kicks off on Monday

In the municipality of Gaiba, with less than 1000 inhabitants, there will be the first historic edition on the green: in the entry list there will be Bronzetti and Cocciaretto, pay attention to Errani

It seems that the parts of the All England Club – where Wimbledon is played – have set their sights on Gaiba, in the province of Rovigo. “But how, a club with only grass fields in Italy?”. The local Championships are based in a municipality with less than a thousand inhabitants: the Wta 125 tournament – starting on Monday in its first, historic edition – has already been renamed “Gaibledon”. It is the only grass tournament in our country and Gaiba will be the smallest town in the world to host an event on the WTA calendar: more charm than that?


Gaiba is a small village on the Po, the club is located less than half a kilometer from the main embankment. It all started as a joke and passion, in 2012. “Why not adapt grass soccer fields to tennis?”. In the first years the two sports coexisted, they shared the territory: in the winter the ball, in the summer the racket. Then, in 2016, the first federal tournaments, in 2019 the women’s open, in 2021 the men’s ITF tournament. Constant growth, culminating this year with the creation of two more fields – now there are only six of them in the grass – and the call of the WTA, looking for new venues for a tournament on the green.


Who knows that Wimbledon’s interest may not lead to developments in the next few years, meanwhile “Gaibledon” is ready to live a life of its own: from Friday to Sunday the tournament will be broadcast on Eurosport 2 and Discovery +, for the entire duration of the event. you can access the fields with a thousand places available. And the entry list? Certainly there will be Lucia Bronzetti, seeded number 3: the first two are Alison Van Uytvanck and Madison Brengle. Elisabetta Cocciaretto was also present, pay attention to Sara Errani and Martina Trevisan: the first could enter the draw, there is the possibility – still theoretical – that the second could participate in the doubles tournament.


Whether this tournament will be a further growth step towards further developments in the coming years, only time will tell. What is certain is that it will be a test for everyone, even as regards the management of the fields: it is a job that lasts months, with an agronomist constantly monitoring the situation. The qualifications did not take place just to get to the appointment with the perfect fields. Regardless of the extraordinary nature of this event, the club is open to the public until September: during the winter it is time to rest for the fields, which in any case are followed to get ready for the months of play. In those parts they cross their fingers and are filled with pride. Italy also has its own Wimbledon: eyes on Gaiba from Monday. And who knows it may not be just a stage of growth.

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