Stop to petrol and diesel cars, employment alarm and incentives

Italian right and left split over the European Parliament’s vote on Fit for 55. Di Maio and Orlando talk about incentives and social safety nets to accompany the technological transition

The decision of the EU Parliament to ban petrol and diesel cars from 2035 divides the government. Between those who defend the transition to electric as something inevitable and indeed an opportunity and those who instead consider it an ideological choice that will in fact favor Asian producers. What is certain is that the switch to electric risks having heavy repercussions on the automotive supply chain. And precisely to avoid a shock, incentives for businesses and social safety nets are being considered. But concern remains high, with the unions calling for the urgent convening of a table at the Mise. The positive vote on Wednesday in Strasbourg of the part of the Fit for 55 package that concerns cars continues to heat the spirits even if they must follow the passage in the European Council, scheduled for 28 June, and then the so-called trilogue phase between the Council and Parliament and Commission.

the left and right positions

Clearly in favor of the measure proposed by the EU Commission, the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando, who speaks of an “inevitable” transition, and the owner of the infrastructures Enrico Giovannini, who by proposing a “holistic” approach to the issue, ensures that the replacement of means opens ” to great new production opportunities “. Giancarlo Giorgetti, who has been warning about the risks of transition for some time, does not think in the same way, and who now does not hide the disappointment of the European vote, with which we risk the “euthanasia” of a part of our industry: it is “a choice ideological, because the destiny of the car is not only electric, unless -, the owner of economic development warns – you do not want to make a gift to China “. A theme on which the whole center-right insists, Lega in the lead, whose leader Matteo Salvini points the finger at Brussels: “An attack on Italy is underway”, he says, they want to reduce us “to a supermarket, model Greece”. The greatest concern is that related to employment relapses. The CISL returns to ask for the immediate convening of the sector table “at Mise, recalling that” there are at least 75,000 jobs at stake – says the secretary Luigi Sbarra -, in addition to those employed by the related industries “.

the government recipe

However, some government officials are already receiving some indications on possible paths to take. “I believe that we will go in the direction of working with all the incentives that serve as an Italian state and as a European Union to allow companies not to suffer a shock but to convert”, explains Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio from Naples. While on the employment front the idea is “to build social safety nets and investment instruments at a European level that mutualise the costs of the transition”, Orlando points out, explaining that for this very reason “we asked that the social safety nets used during the pandemic be transformed into a great tool for managing the consequences of war and ecological and digital transitions “.

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