Stephen Curry after Game 4 victory in Boston: “A job well done”

Stephen Curry (43 points at 14/26, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 loss of balls during the match against Boston 107-97) “It was a difficult victory. The first quarter set the tone. Our aggressiveness in defense was night and day compared to Game 3. It gives you enough life to withstand complicated passages. I’m proud of everyone in terms of physical commitment, focus, perseverance. A job well done tonight. My best performance in the final? I can’t rate my performances, no. »

Klay Thompson (18 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 blocks) : “(on the performance of Steph Curry) The heart of this man is incredible. We sometimes take what he does for granted but carry us on his back like that… We need to help him more on Monday. It was almost a must-win game and shoot as effectively as he did, grab 10 rebounds as they attacked him on defense… His physical condition is unique in this league. I’ve been in the NBA too long to doubt myself, especially in times of pressure. Luckily, I made hoops when it mattered. Steve (Kerr) always reminds us that as long as you win the series, no one is going to dwell on your individual performance. And then, being there, at this level, wow, I find it hard to believe knowing where I was last year. I couldn’t even run and there, I fight in the final. You have to enjoy these moments. It’s special to be one of the two remaining teams. »

Draymond Green (2 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals) :” (on Steph Curry’s performance) Incredible. He carried us on his back. This is the game we had to do. We needed this victory. He showed why he’s one of the best to ever play this game. They send him two, three or even four players on every possession. You try to do what you can to help her break free and find space. He’s one of the most resilient, toughest guys I’ve played with. The defenses constantly hook him and he continues to play. He does not care. It says a lot about his toughness and his competitive nature… No, I’m never happy to go on the bench with seven minutes to play in the fourth quarter of a game that we have to win. I’m not going to sit back and act like I’m happy. I am a competitor. But it’s the coach who decides so you go with it.

“That Steph took the pressure all game long while remaining able to defend on the other side of the pitch proves to you that he has never been so strong”

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors Coach : “Steph? Yeah, he struggled a bit tonight… (smiles) No, seriously, he was amazing. Boston has the best defense in the league. Strong and powerful at every position. That Steph took the pressure all match while remaining able to defend on the other side of the pitch proves to you that he has never been so physically strong in his career. It allows him to do what he does. Steph doesn’t normally show a lot of emotions but an evening like this required it. »

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