My twenties break into a woman's house at night and seize valuable jewelry in Sidi Ammar

A woman living in one of the neighborhoods of Sidi Ammar was subjected to a robbery after a masked person stormed her house and stole her jewelry, as well as her mobile phone, while seizing a sum of money from her room safe before escaping. Executing his heinous operation in which he seized several objects, which made the interests of the National Gendarmerie Regional Division in Sidi Ammar open in-depth investigations that led to the arrest of several people whose involvement in the case was found, and their files were transferred to justice. The matter concerns each of the main perpetrator named “NA”, 21 years old, who was convicted of a penalty of 5 years in prison and a fine of 100 million centimes after being followed up with the felony of rape and the felony of theft associated with the conditions of the night, breakage, violence and threat. The Criminal Court of Appeal last weekend was sentenced to 6 months in prison, against the defendants “T.M” and “Q.R”, aged 26 and 32 years, who followed Bart. They were made a misdemeanor of concealing stolen items, and the judicial authorities imposed a fine of 100 million centimes on them, distributed among the three defendants jointly, while the 25-year-old defendant, “Q.M.” In the year 2020, when the name “D.H” applied to the headquarters of the regional division of the National Gendarmerie Sidi Ammar with the purpose of filing a complaint that she had been robbed by violence and rape on September 12 of the same year, specifically at one o’clock in the morning, adding that she was sleeping in her house and heard a noise from her yard before That a masked person stormed her home, carrying a large knife in his hand, and the victim indicated, during her recent statements before the Criminal Court, that this person asked her to give him her jewelry, so she handed him a gold chain and earrings of pure gold, in addition to a gold ring and a mobile phone of the type “” Condor” and the latter seized a sum of money of 15.000.00 DA, after which he raped her and during her resistance to him, the veil fell from his face and she was able to see the features of his face so that the perpetrator attacked her with the sword at the level of her right hand. In a related context, the National Gendarmerie commissioned the mobile phone operator, where the response came that the phone was provided with a chip registered in the name of the name “Q.M.” Showing people’s photos to the victim, but she did not recognize any of them. During her statements to the interests of the judicial police, the victim made it clear that she had identified the perpetrator on December 2, 2020, and after research and investigation, it was found that the matter was related to the name “NA” who lives in Al-Bashir Al-Ibrahimi neighborhood in the village of Hajar Al-Dis Who was arrested and confronted with the evidence that proves his involvement before being transferred to justice at the end of the week after being confronted with the facts attributed to him, where he denied that he had committed this crime and denied his knowledge of his whereabouts on the night of the incident.


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