More than 700,000 candidates will pass the baccalaureate exams this Sunday

Starting this Sunday, more than 700,000 candidates will be scheduled to pass the baccalaureate exams (June 2022 session), distributed among more than 2,500 procedures centers at the national level. These exams will extend over five days (from the 12th to the 16th of June). According to the Ministry of National Education, there has been no change in the program of the baccalaureate exams for this year compared to previous years, as candidates will be able to choose between two topics in each subject, in addition to allocating an additional half hour to answer, in addition to the official time for each subject. These exams are being held for the third year in a row in exceptional circumstances, as the protocol on preventive and health measures against Covid-19 will be adopted. The Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belabed, had recently clarified that the examination questions will be about the lessons that have been taken in presence in educational institutions, stressing the need not to interact with what is broadcast on social media. In this regard, he stressed that the ministry is “keen to strictly enforce the laws against all those who want to broadcast false and fabricated topics” via social media, considering that this bad behavior would “disturb the candidates and exhaust them psychologically and physically.” In his concern for the safety of the candidates, Mr. Belabed noted the important role of parents in this regard by providing advice and guidance to their children and urging them to take this exam in a calm and serene manner. On the other hand, the minister stressed the need for “candidates to adhere to discipline and adhere to the official timing for opening centers for supervisors and candidates”, knowing that the procedure centers will open at 7:30 am for candidates and the exam starts at 8:30 am. By the way, the minister assured the educational family that he would “personally stand” on the examination process, starting with receiving and securing subjects at the level of the procedure centres, pointing to “the new measures taken by the state to combat cheating”, which require – as he said – “intensifying efforts to maintain credibility exams.” On the other hand, he stressed the need to “provide an appropriate atmosphere for candidates with special needs, as well as those in hospital institutions and re-education centers, while ensuring that they adhere to the applicable health protocol.” For reference, the Ministry of Justice had recently sent a work memorandum to the public prosecutors of the judicial councils, calling on them to “install a vigil and follow-up cell at the level of each council” with the aim of taking “the necessary measures to combat crimes of cheating and leaking exam subjects, especially by using information and communication technologies.” To secure the national school exams, the General Directorate of National Security has drawn up a plan that includes a set of measures to ensure the smooth conduct of the baccalaureate exams. Answers to the assembly centers at the end of each period. For the same purpose, field teams will ensure the smooth flow of traffic through the main roads and paths leading to educational institutions and examination centers. In this regard, the General Directorate of Civil Protection has allocated a preventive and operational device for the safety of examination centers, where the technical departments conduct several preventive visits to all educational institutions concerned with hosting these examinations. In the same context, this authority has allocated an operational apparatus consisting of about 18,562 aides involved in various ranks, in addition to 1,460 ambulances, as well as 1,026 fire trucks in order to cover an efficient operation and to ensure the safety and security of the examinees as well as those in charge. In turn, the National Gendarmerie Command took a number of measures and measures at the level of the national territory, during the examination period, with the aim of “guaranteeing the smooth conduct of its course”, as a “comprehensive plan for this event” was drawn up based mainly on “the spread of the national gendarmerie units across the entire region of jurisdiction, Through the establishment of fixed and mobile formations, and the intensification of monitoring patrols supported, especially by the air squadrons of the National Gendarmerie, in order to facilitate traffic, especially through the axes and roads leading to the examination centers, and a permanent presence in their surroundings to spread peace and tranquility in the places where the examinees are located. It puts at its disposal all available communication channels, represented by the green number 1055, the TARIKI Facebook page and the pre-complaint website for notification, inquiries or a request for assistance.

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