Juve, the anger of the fans for the expensive season tickets, between market and prices: the reasons

The campaign for the new season kicks off on Monday after the pandemic has stopped: there are those who are selling their card, many protests over the increases. Which concern some sectors of the stadium affected by an increase in the services offered

The opening on Monday of Juventus’ season ticket campaign, which returns for the first time after the pandemic, was anticipated by a very warm social welcome, and not in the sense of enthusiasm. To stir the spirits are the price increases that have sparked the controversy of the fans, even in comparison to the costs incurred elsewhere: the 650 euros for a curve in the second ring or 675 in the first ring are more than double compared to similar places for a fan of Inter or Milan.


When the mood of the fans is involved, many factors come into play. The fact that at the moment no market blows have yet been formalized to heat the square: a nice big one who could do it, the return of Paul Pogba, actually seems only a matter of formality, but another like Di Maria, first treaty and now at the risk of jumping, it risks having the opposite effect.

And then, in addition to the bitterness for how the last two seasons have gone and therefore for the cycle that Juve is going through also in terms of results, in the cauldron of discontent also the criticisms for Massimiliano Allegri and for the show offered, regardless or almost what the players on the field will be. Thus, the increase in prices, or at least a part of them, on social groups dedicated in particular to organized clubs has led some fans to put their card on the market.


Considering all sectors of the Allianz Stadium, the increases are quantifiable at around 6.2 percent: in line if not slightly lower than the average price increase (around 7 percent) that was in every season ticket campaign before the pandemic. However, the increases do not concern all areas of the stadium and not even macro sectors (a whole curve or a whole stand) but smaller sectors: the policy is linked to the addition of some services in that particular portion of the stadium, such as the pre-match animation activities. For this reason, for example, the costs of a season ticket for the Family grandstand range from 1280 to 1400 euros. The most expensive season tickets are the West Comfort grandstand at 2700 euros, the east central grandstand at 2450/2560 euros in the first ring or 1450/1590 in the second. The lowest prices are those quoted from the curves. The voucher reserved for 2019-20 subscribers, if not yet used, will still cover the price increase.

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