F1 Azerbaijan, Leclerc: "I didn't expect pole, I'm thrilled for the race"

The Ferrari driver hits the sixth pole of the season, the fourth in a row, fifteenth in his career. “In Q1 and Q2 the Red Bulls seemed stronger, then I put everything together …”. Now Charles is certain that, unlike in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, ​​it will be possible to optimize the result: “With the developments we have grown”

Mario Salvini


And there are six, the fourth in a row: 15 in his career, one more than his rival. Not one more this year: Charles Leclerc already has one pole more than Max Verstappen ever. A good sign, the certification of a force, on the flying lap, which leaves no room for discussion. Then, it’s true, his opponent already has a World Cup and many more victories: but this is how, race after race, the great rivalries in the history of this sport are built. And the championship we are seeing gives us the wonderful feeling of being in the middle of a saga that will keep us happy for who knows how many years. The Principino therefore once again flew away fastest of all, leaving Sergio Perez at 0.282, for the second weekend in a row faster than Verstappen on Saturday. Which the captain won’t be too happy with. He, Max, accused 0347 of delay, and therefore for the second consecutive GP he will start in the unusual second row for him, next to Carlos Sainz, who paid 0.455 to his companion Charles.

“I’m happy”

“It seemed like a good lap,” said Charles before being awarded the “Pirelli Rubber” by Mick Doohan, five-time world champion in the 500 world championship. “All the poles are good, but I didn’t expect this one, because after Q1 and Q2 I thought Red Bull were stronger. I was struggling to imagine being as fast as them. But then on the last lap I managed to put everything together once again and a good lap came out which I’m happy with ”.

Monsieur Samedi

Everything that could be done on Saturday, still a lot of Monsieur Samedi did. But now we have to quail on Sunday, what in the last GPs, for one reason or another, has failed. “I am very excited for the race. I think there will be some difficult points, especially on tire management which will be very important. In Barcelona and Monaco I was managing them well and in terms of race pace we have grown a lot since we brought the updates. So tomorrow will be very interesting … “

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