Curry's greatness, Boston's doubts, Green's troubles: the 5 things he said in race-4

Golden State took the 2-2 in the Finals thanks to Steph, author of a monstrous 43-point game. But the tip of the balance could be another …

Curry, very strongly Curry. Steph is the hero who delivers the Warriors 2-2 in the Finals, knocking out Boston in Game-4 with a 43-point show. The splendid fourth act of this series for the title added new indications: here are the 5 things that race-4 said.

Maybe you didn’t need a show like the one in Game-4, but with 43 points Steph reaffirmed that he is the best player in the series. The show with which he knocked out Boston and drew the Finals is an epic performance that delivers Curry to the history of the Finals: he was absolutely dominant, an offensive cyclone capable of sending the entire Boston defense into a tailspin in a game that risked failing. play for the left foot injury. Being the best player in the series does not necessarily mean winning the Finals mvp: if Golden State wins, however, the doubts that the award he has not yet won will soon be added to his collection do not exist.

Celtics had it there, close at hand. Instead they wasted the opportunity to knock out Golden State and go 3-1, an advantage that in the history of the Finals has only been recovered once. Boston gave the impression of accusing the stage in the final: it is not only imploded, stretched by the continuous magic of Steph Curry that not even the best defense of the season has managed to stem, but it seems to miss the head in that fourth period in which the ball he did not want to enter. Maybe it’s not really business as usual, as coach Udoka suggested in the pre-match …

Where did Draymond Green go? The one seen in game-4 in Boston is void in attack and not so decisive in defense. And Golden State needs the real one to win the ring. The soul of the Warriors continues to travel with more fouls (18 in 4 games) than points (17) in these Finals, with the aggravating circumstance of 23.1% from the field that allow Boston to smile every time he is free. The 9 rebounds and 8 assists in Game-4 are still a sign that Green is trying to do everything else, but the Warriors also need his baskets. And for the moment this fails to him.

Jayson Tatum still doesn’t play at his level. To a decent offensive production, 22.3 points, are counterbalanced by the shooting difficulties: the 8/23 of game-4 (for 23 points) updates the percentage from the field in the Finals to 34.1% of what it is was the mvp of the final in the East with Miami. Tatum continues to do a lot and demonstrate that he now belongs without any doubts to the NBA elite: but these are the Finals and you need more to bring your team to the title. Also because the Celtics are starting to miss him.

What if Andrew Wiggins was the X-Factor of the Finals? He certainly was in Game-4, playing a game of substance with 17 points and 16 rebounds. After an important first half in attack, in the second he leveled up in defense, helping to send Boston into a tailspin in the last quarter. Coach Kerr needs him to be this, a defensive anchor capable of lending an important hand to the attack. With the good race-4 test, Wiggins seems to have made him understand that he can count on him. And his contribution, his ability to be an effective weapon on both sides of the pitch, could make the difference.

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