Curry and the perfect night: "It's his best game ever"

From Thompson to Kerr, only applause for the Golden State phenomenon: “He did amazing things against the best defense in the NBA”

The perfect Steph Curry evening. The Golden State phenomenon takes the Warriors attack on his shoulders and with a cinema performance, which goes beyond his excellent statistics (43 points and 10 rebounds), drags the Californian team to the fundamental success in race-4 a Boston. “The foot problem obviously limited him a lot – jokes Steve Kerr – there is little to say, he produced an extraordinary performance. I think on a physical level he is going through the best moment of his career. He did incredible things against the best defense in the NBA and he also made his contribution on a defensive level ”.

The best ever

The other member of the Splash Brothers also struggles to find the words to describe Curry’s performance: “We often take for granted the things that Steph can do – says Klay Thompson – and make a mistake. I think he played his best game ever in the Finals, we had our backs to the wall and Steph led the team to success ”. Draymond Green is also on the same wavelength: “Incredible performance, Steph is one of the best players ever in the NBA also because he is able to play games like that. He refused to lose and put the team on his shoulders ”. “Klay said it was my best game in the Finals – commented the evening’s MVP Steph Curry – I don’t do these rankings. We played a good game, our goal was to enter the field with a different aggressiveness than in game-3 and we succeeded. We didn’t play a perfect first quarter but we managed to keep up with Boston, then with a couple of breaks in the last quarter we brought home a match that was fundamental for us. There is a big difference in returning to San Francisco at 2-2 compared to 3-1 for them. The foot? Our medical staff did a great job, gave me no problems and I was able to play with a clear mind. I tried to put pressure on their defense and play aggressively, the contribution of my teammates, from Wiggins to Poole without forgetting Klay, but it was fundamental “.

The key

In addition to the applause performance of Steph Curry, the other hot topic of the Warriors postgame becomes the replacement of Draymond Green at 7’32 ” from the end of the fourth period. With Green, decidedly disappointing up to that moment, Golden State changed gears on the bench by placing the decisive 11-3 run. “Looney was playing well so I decided to keep him on the pitch, thus giving up Draymond-comments coach Kerr-then when he came back in the final minutes it was decisive. We knew that in this series Green would struggle to score because of the inches and the physicality of the Boston defense, but Draymond still manages to have an impact on the series even when he struggles in attack. ” The former Michigan State did not take the replacement well, but did not lose focus. “Yes, in fact he was not happy – Green does not hide – it’s normal, I’m a competitive player and it never happens that I’m put on the bench seven minutes from the end of a Finals match. But it was the manager’s choice and I have to accept it. When I got back on the parquet I tried to make my contribution and I think I succeeded ”.

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