Camoranesi at the BN: 'Sarri and Allegri?  The players count, not the idea!  Dybala protagonist for 10 years, I see de Ligt in the Premier '

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Mauro German Camoranesian important piece of the history of Juventusis in these days in Turin, while he is waiting to define his future: “I am waiting for an offer for a Turkish championship, to restart with a bench, hoping it will be successful”.

In the meantime, he allowed himself to de microphones ilBianconerofor an exclusive interview:

CHIELLINI – “From the first day a humble boy, he has always been like this. The result of a family that helped him, he is very intelligent, always aware of his abilities. A lot of character already at the age of 20, in training he had no concern, he knew that the strong point was strength. In the team he was an important player. Over the years he has made a path as a leader. I believe he will continue to do so abroad as well. For me, the last defender of the old school, who knows how to do the ward on his own. He has improved all his team mates, a fabulous player, to be made on a DVD and shown in the youth sectors ”.

DYBALA – “With the public you have to go slow, think with your heart, not with the budget. They are separate things, what Dybala gave to the public is indelible, it must be said and preserved. Then, the agreements are made in two. It is not a question of blame. He remains a player who, like him, in Italy, there are few. In the last 10 years he has always been a protagonist ”.

THE JUVE SEASON – “As a fan it is difficult to make an analysis. In the last 4 years certain goals have changed, they know what they want inside. 3 coaches in 3 years, different players with different characteristics. What I did not understand, 2 years ago there was a certain project, then a coach arrived (Sarri ed) who had players who were not suited to his ideas. It is true that he won the championship, but because the others were under a train. First sign that the future would be difficult. This year Serie A was won by the best team, it was consistent between what they proposed on the pitch and what they were looking for. How long will it take Juve to get back to Milan? A matter of investments, as a coach you don’t invent much. It doesn’t matter how you play, it counts up to a certain point, but it takes good players, when you go out on the pitch you can see the values. For Juve it is a year of transition, even if the transition year does not exist in the big teams “.

FROM ALLEGRI TO SARRI – “In the transition from one mentality to another, the players were almost the same and both reached the goal. The idea matters little, if you have quality players on the pitch you can play as you please, they lead you to the result. The same coach, with other values, reaches the middle of the table. Allegri is right, otherwise the players would all be the same, but that’s not the case ”.

FINAL OF CHAMPIONS – “I didn’t like Liverpool, they didn’t play the game they should have. He has adapted a lot to a game that suited Real Madrid. Madrid won the cup playing as it was comfortable ”.

PAST IN JUVE – “Good memories, 15 kilos ago. I am always in Turin, I am always here, it shows the love and affection for this city. At the stadium? I’ve seen a couple, I’ve also seen the round of 16 against Villarreal ”.

FANS – “The stadium ago, during the pandemic it was strange, the public helps or penalizes. In important squares it helps “.

DE LIGT – “An amazing player, he has a huge future, he has already proved his worth. I don’t know any players who haven’t made any mistakes. I see him outside Italy, in other leagues with more individual duels, I see him more in the Premier League than in Serie A. I like him to death “.

CUADRADO – “Always been my favorite, the one that makes me enjoy the most”.

DANILO – “I really like”.

KESSIE‘- “Modern footballer, suitable for those who want something important”.

PJANIC – “I liked him a lot, for the way he runs the team, it’s a pity he’s no longer there”.

CHURCH – “When he is there and he is well he is different from the others”.

MIDFIELD – “Things are decided in the area, you have to have a good striker and a good goalkeeper, the rest develops”.

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