Brunori, getaway for ... marriage.  She gets married 2 days before Palermo-Padua

The striker of the Sicilians on a wedding with Dalila in Umbria. His coach Baldini: “If it goes badly they will have to complain, but why deny him this joy?”

Escape for … a wedding, hoping to postpone the victory until tomorrow. Forty-eight hours from the playoff return final with Padova, Matteo Brunori has chosen to score goals in another way: by saying yes to his Dalila. A one-day blitz: he left Palermo to respond to a promise made some time ago and postponed twice in recent years due to Covid. The Italian-Brazilian on Thursday with a surprise shot of his, as he usually does in the area, took a plane to reach the province of Urbino.


The ceremony took place at the Castle of Naro, in the province, in a locality not far from Umbria, the region where Brunori grew up. The wives and girlfriends of the Palermo players took part in the event. No, his teammates weren’t there, as it was logical, they stayed in Palermo to prepare for the challenge that could be worth promotion to Serie B. An exception was made only for the Juventus-owned striker, for everything what he has done so special this season (28 goals so far), with the blessing of Silvio Baldini and the whole club who wished him well on their social channels. Because after so many postponements this marriage had to be done, especially when emotions are involved, even a few hours after a match that is worth a season. And it matters little that it may be unconventional, because you can say everything about Baldini, except that he is someone who looks after the labels. “Why make the boy give up marriage and complicate his life when he had no other options, being a mandatory date? – asks the coach – You would have left an unhappy person, but you would have saved face by behaving like a big club, which would never allow him to get married. This is self-righteous behavior. Tomorrow they can even point him out, if we don’t win the game, but I’m interested in him being calm and happy. Normality brought us to the final and we cannot give up this serenity just for our professionalism “.


Baldini lashes out against those who might think it was an avoidable lightness. “Did Palermo behave like an amateur? Yes, but I want to be an amateur, in the face of their mastery. You can’t make a person sad and frustrated to save your face, the result doesn’t matter. You have to be happy and peaceful to suffer,” play and score all together. These things, if you are not calm and confident, you cannot do them. We have chosen another path and we are proud to have done it. Knowing how the world is, I already know what the answer will be based on I don’t want to do bad thoughts, I want my family to be calm and enjoy simple things. “Brunori, meanwhile, has already returned today in the late morning, returning to the group’s disposal, dreaming of going also married with Serie B.

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