Albacete comes back, frustrates Depor and returns to Second

Rubn de la Barrera’s Albacete took one of the places that give access to Second. With a historic game for the people of La Mancha, they rise to the silver category after beating Dpor two-nil. Another blow to sportsmanship.

As in all finals, both teams studied each other in the first few minutes. De la Barrera and Jimnez planted their teams with pressure in the center of the field and waiting for the rival. The Dpor forgot about the ball and it was the Manchegos who had the handle of the crash. But it didn’t last long.

The game had a lot of rhythm but without scoring chances. But of the teams, if there is one that has a goal, it is Deportivo. With high-level offensive players like Quiles, Miku or Soriano, it’s easier on the pitch. In a robbery in midfield the ball reaches Soriano and in a one-on-one against Bernab he bites it without him being able to touch it, raising the scoreboard the first of the afternoon.

The goal hurt Albacete. The Dpor handled the game comfortably. The manchegos did not reach the goal of Mackay.

Dominance of ‘Alba’ in the second half

The first play after the break was Albacete’s first big chance in the match. Good header from Rubn Martnez that Mackay hurriedly deflects to a corner kick. Rubén De La Barrera’s painting went up lines. They needed two goals. He dominated Deportivo with arrivals, while the Coruenses tried to get a counterattack. The deserved draw of the Manchegos will arrive. Lateral foul and Alberto with a header scores the goal from La Mancha. Deportivo played with fire with several defensive changes. Borja Jimnez changed the team’s drawing to five, four, one, which made it even easier for White to arrive.

Bad reading of Borja Jimnez

The two teams reached the last thirty minutes of the season very physically depleted. The party could fall to either side. Both teams deserved promotion and the grand prize. But Rubn moved tab and monopolized the ball. The surprise jumped with five minutes to go. Rubn’s great lateral center is headed by center forward Jordi through the entire squad.

Riazor relives a black page

For the third year, Deportivo will play in the First RFEF. A lot of time for a hobby like sports. With more than twenty thousand subscribers, the corus team returns to professional football with the desire to grow in order to resume that great trajectory of a decade ago. Due to history and social mass, Deportivo wanted to go up to the Second Division. But Albacete had the prize.

Technical sheet:

1 – Sporty: Mackay; Antoito, Lapea, Jaime Sánchez (Borja Granero, m.102), Hctor Hernández (Aguirre, m.115); Villares (Noel, m.115), Bergantios, Juergen (William, m.81); Quiles (lvaro Rey, m.81), Miku and Soriano (De Vicente, m.69).

2 – Albacete: Barnabas; Emmanuel (Llinares, m.81), Boyomo, Djetei, Julio Alonso; Fran Álvarez (Montes, m.96), Riki (Alberto, m.62); Rubn Martnez, Manu Fuster, Kike Mrquez (Sergi, m.89); and Jordi Sanchez.

goals: 1-0, M.26: Soriano. 1-1, M.82: Alberto. 1-2, M.113: Jordi Sánchez.

referee: Fuentes Molina, of the Valencian Committee. He showed yellow to Rubn Martnez (m.5), Emmanuel (m.21), Julio Alonso (m.103) from Albacete; and Hctor Hernndez (m.79), Antoito (m.109), from Deportivo.

Incidents: Final of the promotion playoff to LaLiga SmartBank played at the Abanca-Riazor Stadium before 27,215 spectators.

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