Varicocele, testicular cancer, STDs: men who are too careless.  The urologist: "Here's how to prevent"

On the national day of urology we talk with Antonio Rizzotto, president of Siu and director of Urology ASL Viterbo, Belcolle Hospital

Vera Martinella

Varicocele, sexually transmitted diseases, erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy and tumors. Today there is a worrying increase in many male pathologies (especially after the delays caused by the Covid pandemic) that could be avoided or better treated thanks to a timely diagnosis. But men care too little about their health and they often end up talking to a doctor when the problem is already advanced. Just to get the attention of over 10 million Italians and Italians suffering from a urological problem not to overlook the potential alarm bells, the Italian Society of Urology (Siu) has organized the National Day of Urology for June 10 with a toll-free number (800.189441) to which experts will answer free of charge.

The day and the toll-free number

One in six countrymen, between males and females, suffers from a urological disorder and the numbers are growing – he says Antonio Rizzotto, Siu president and director of Urology ASL Viterbo, Belcolle Hospital -. This Day is intended to be a moment of awareness, study, information and knowledge of the main issues related to the health and well-being of one’s urinary and sexual systems. For this reason, like Siu, we are committed to making citizens known and informed about the importance of periodic checks from childhood, to avoid problems when they grow up. By calling the Toll-free number, 800.189441 you can have them information on visits and urological centers, information and help on all pathologies related to the urinary tract, increasingly frequent among young adults, among which prostatitis and erectile deficits already stand out between the ages of 30 and 40. If we think that of the first six male cancers, three are of the urological type (prostate, kidney, bladder), it is evident that it is essential not to neglect the alarm bells “.

annual visits with the specialist

Regular checks of the urogenital and reproductive system from an early age are very important to avoid more serious consequences as adults. Self until puberty it is always important to keep an eye on the possible presence of problems and malformations related to the development of the genital organsit would also be good for all children from 15-16 years to get into the good habit of seeing a urologist once a year. Especially in the case of blood in the urine, burning or persistent urination disturbances it is good to speak immediately with a specialist who will be able to establish the most suitable tests to get to understand the problem and prescribe them therapies appropriate to the individual case.

prevention in boys

“Our goal is to make the population understand that the urologist is the keeper of the men’s healthbut also a doctor who deals with female urology – he adds Giuseppe Carrieri, General Secretary Siu and Full Professor of Urology at the University of Foggia -. It is no coincidence that this year we have been joined by 11 patient associations that address the issue of urology at 360 degrees. We are sure that this “alliance” will be very important, the urologist must accompany men and women in all phases of life. Certainly at the moment the figure of him is essential above all for the man, in the infertility preventionthrough an early identification of the varicoceleas well as in the prevention of cancer: teach young people self-examination of the testicle, for example, it is essential because this method is still the most effective and reliable to discover and cure in time the most frequent cancer between the ages of 25 and 49, with 3,500 new cases per year in Italy and growing numbers “.

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