The blue middle distance course shines at the Golden Gala

The point on the blue middle distance course after the Golden Gala in Rome 2022

Giorgio Rondelli

The middle distance was the most effervescent and brilliant sector of the Golden Gala last night at the Olympic Stadium, while on the other hand there is the difficult moment of almost all the medalists of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The walker Antonella Palmisano and the sprinter Marcel Jacobs, late in condition Massimo Stano, third in the 3 km walk behind Francesco Fortunato and Gianluca Picchiottino, as well as Filippo Tortu third in the 200 with 20.40, Eseosa stopped due to recent injuries or more distant in time. Desalu fourth with 20.55, and Lorenzo Patta eighth with 20.91. There was also the unexpected bad night of a not very explosive Gianmarco Tamberi in the deadlift so as not to go beyond 2 meters and 24 centimeters. Instead, they thought about restoring enthusiasm in the Azzurri home middle distance runners with world-class performance. Above all, ever closer to some national records that date back to the 1980s of the last century.

Elena Bellò

The best was certainly the 25 year old Elena Bellò from Vicenza who was able in one stroke to finish third in the 800 meters race in 1.58.97. Naturally personal best and third Italian time ever after Gabriella Dorio 1.57.66 and Elisa Cusma 1.58.63. Above all putting behind her eight athletes with personal best of her. From 2020 the Azzurri moved to Giussano in Brianza where she is coached by Alessandro Simonelli. Always competitive on a competitive level this season Elena has made a significant leap in quality also running the 1500 meters in a remarkable 4.05.09.

Ahmed Abdelhawed-Osama Zoghlami

The performance of the hedges Ahmed Abdelhawed and Osama Zoghlami sixth and seventh respectively in the race won by the Ethiopian Girma Lamecha in 7.59.23. The two blues finished very close in 8.10.29 and 8.11.00. This is the third and fourth time ever on the distance of the 3000 hedges after two sacred monsters such as Francesco Panetta 8.08.57 and Alessandro Lambruschini 8.08.78. We will see if in the next few months the two Azzurri and with them also Ala Zoghlami yesterday evening not very bright but already able to run the distance in 2021 in 8.14.06 will be able to improve the national record that has resisted for 35 years.

Sabbatini, Del Buono, Horses

Not even the three blue at the start have disfigured 1500 metersran into a slower than expected race in the first 800 meters. Gaia Sabbatini it’s over sixth in 4.05.82, but has already raced this year in 4.01.92, the second Italian time ever after Gabriella Dorio’s record of 3.58.66 dated Tirrenia 1980. The rediscovery Federica Del Buono she finished eighth in 4.06.16, but in Grosseto she had already raced in 4.05.58, touching the staff of 4.05.32 obtained in 2014! She did not disfigure even the talented young woman Ludovica Cavalli thirteenth with 4.08.39. Not far from his fresh record of 4.07.47.

Yemaneberhan Crippa

The Italian long-time mid-distance champion wanted to improve his record of 5,000 by 13.02.26 and go under the barrier of 13 minutes clear. He didn’t go far running in 13.04.95, however, finishing eleventh in a great race won by Kenyan Nicolas Kimeli with the great time of 12.46.79. Results that can pave the way for some medals at European level while the gap with world excellence in fast and prolonged middle distance still appears quite difficult to fill. At least in a short time.

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