Tebas, about Rubiales: "She is a walking recorder"

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebashas been one of the great guests on the first day of the BRAND Sport Weekend. and the theme Luis Rubialeswith the numerous issues that explode at the RFEF every week and your own recording made at Thebes without his consent occupied much of a talk with Juan Ignacio Gallardo, director of MARCA. The top leader of the national championship also had time to assess the economic situation of the Barcelonathe excessive expenses of clubs like City or PSG (with The league denouncing their accounts) and where is Spanish football headed, with the investment (CVC) in infrastructure of LaLiga teams.

“He is a walking recorder. Rubiales is not qualified to lead the RFEF”. That’s how blunt the president of The league to his counterpart in the Federation. Always putting distance and moving the focus away from the figure of him. “There is no war Thebes-Rubiales. Let’s not mistake where the focus of the problem is. The one they have recorded has been me, I have not recorded anyone, “she continued. “The RFEF has a victim strategy. I haven’t put any spies anywhere. There are many versions from the RFEF. Unfortunately there are good and bad. And there are others who do nothing. I have put some ironic tweet of eyelash if you are kidnapped. The plot is in Mr. Rubiales. The rest of us are victims of the plot. I have no war with Mr. Rubiales. He is not qualified to lead the RFEF “, he sentenced.

And it also sent a message to the government bodies, with the CSD at the head, since messages have even come out with the President of the goverment: “The CSD has the obligation to act. I’m going to file a complaint. They will have to say or decide something. I want to highlight that I have seen the messages with the Prime Minister and I have been concerned. In one he calls us corrupt. I also told him that messing with Thebes gives a lot of votes. I know what happened in the pacts of Viana. Those three messages have me worried because I’m not naive and football wants freedom and now it doesn’t have freedom.”

Can Barcelona sign?

You can sign. If you remove players for 100 you can sign for 33. If you sell assets, you will reduce losses. Until you make up the 500 you won’t be able to go one-on-one. We brought the CVC for the good of football. We don’t like this situation“, started the president of LaLiga in terms of the economic situation of Barcelona. “They come from more than 500 million losses. You have to get them back. The circumstances are covid losses, operational and they anticipated some amortizations, the latter is weighing heavily on them with the wage bill. The League let covid losses be offset for five years. They know what to do,” he added.

Financial Fair Play

“The sustainability plan is from 2024. It is an attack on the state clubs by the oversized sponsorships. The PSG He has been losing 200.3 billion per season. PSG and City were penalized by UEFA. The TAS, in two very strange decisions, lifted the sanction. We are going to denounce because it is impossible to give benefits with the Mbapp renewal. Also City with Halandbecause everyone knew how Raiola wanted to charge We are not only going to denounce in UEFA but in the French legal administration. This is more dangerous than the Super League. This has to be stopped. Real Madrid rightly complains about this”.


“The economic returns of this are not immediate. More than 1,000 Spanish football executives have participated, with reviews of all the clubs. The Villarreal he is already doing a work. The Betis is going to make a Sports City. We’ll see internationalization projects. Anticipating 20 years what the clubs would never have done organically. With this obligation, they are anticipating processes that would not have arrived.”

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