Second day of MARCA Sport Weekend 2022: schedules, stars and everything you can't miss

ORn Saturday with the stars. magical. Of an infinite level. MARCA Sport Weekend 2022 in Malaga reaches its second day with a high point. The stellar concentration within the stellar concentration that the Andalusian city experiences in the great sports festival. with names of tremendous palmars, like Brahim Díaz, legendary position, like Gary Payton and that also activates all the public with great exhibitions and tests for the spectators.

Because the MARCA Sport Weekend encompasses sport, in all its expression. And on Saturday, June 11 in Malaga -with free admission- the ‘king’ of the disciplines will be the protagonist. With ‘Los Magos del Baln’, a recital that will inaugurate the local talent of Brahim Dáz (10:30, Plaza de la Constitución) and that from 7:00 p.m. they will experience a ‘boom’ at the hands of legendary stars such as Ren Higuita or of the future such as Roro Riquelme. The Colombian meta will not stay there and his life full of history and stories will be treated from 8:30 p.m. in the same place.

If football has weight, basketball brings Malaga and MARCA Sport Weekend to a ‘ttem’ from its past. say Gary Payton or they can also define him as the best perimeter defender in NBA history. Travel to Mlaga and in ‘An All Star on the Courts’ show his best tricks (8:00 p.m., Pier One). With ‘El Gante’ will be Carlos Cabezas, a member of the best generation of Spanish basketball.

Although if we talk about being one of the best in history, in MotoGP Spain has a ‘garden’ full of flowers. in the past with Jorge Lorenzo, in the present hand in hand with talents who continue to be pioneers such as Ana Carrasco, and ensures the future because Dorna has created an increasingly better product. MotoGP, with all these incentives, experience a special memory at MARCA Sport Weekend (11 am, Center Pompidou).

And if Malaga is a sport, it also has to be cycling. Like all of Andalusia, as a whole. A community that welcomes its new hero with open arms. Juanpe López, who completed an extraordinary Giro d’Italia in which he wore the ‘Maglia Rosa’ for 10 days, was the best youngster and finished tenth classified. Tell how you feel, what your future is and how you want to evolve. In the Plaza de la Constitución at 5:30 p.m.

From Malaga fly to Paris

Motor, football, basketball… And no one can forget that the great sports festival has a more than special place in the BRAND Sport Weekend of Malaga. It’s the Olympic Games, and its present, past and future stars come to Malaga. Those who now defend Spain with everything, such as Sal Craviotto or Susana Rodríguez (10:30, Museo Thyssen)those who were pioneers in Barcelona 92, such as Miriam Blasco or Theresa Zabell (19:00, Thyssen Museum), and those who fly to Paris.

With figures like Anta Jcome (12:30, Real Club del Mediterrneo), canoeist on the way to being a world star if he isn’t right now, world champion Niko Shera (12:00, Malagueta Beach), who continues to find sensations in his change of weight within the judo, or Gerard Descrrega (13 hours, Plaza de la Constitución), quattrocentista who dominates adapted athletics with an iron fist. They fly to Paris, they are talent on board that Iberia presents.

The public, on stage!

With the best stars reviewed, the other great pillar of MARCA Sport Weekend will also experience a magical Saturday. It is the fan, who can be the protagonist. Training, with stars like the Olympic medalist Ana Peleteiro or Peking flag bearer Ander Mirambell (11:30, La Malagueta), with the youngest playing in the ‘Somos La Roja’ tournament. We are the Green’ (Plaza de la Marina, 8:30 p.m.) or on that road to discover the ‘Rey Enigma’ (11:00 a.m., Plaza Constitucion).

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