Rome: Zalewski, Bove and the other young people, those who leave and those who stay

Many guys from the squad like others, in Italy and abroad. Someone will stay in Trigoria and someone will go there, to make cash or gain experience

Riccardo Calafiori likes Nice and halfway through Serie A; Nicola Zalewski is popular in Germany and Italy; Sassuolo likes Felix; Bove likes Monza and Sassuolo; Volpato always likes Monza, but also Ascoli and Ternana. There is a Rome, in Trigoria, that of the boys, which is of interest to many clubs in Italy and abroad: some could be sold to raise cash (see Ciervo sold to Sassuolo in January for two million), still others could be sent on loan to play, others will not move from Trigoria. The first for which Roma will return all the offers to the sender is Nicola Zalewski: for him there is talk of an interest from Borussia Dortmund and some French clubs, but Roma have not received any official offers. And even if they arrive for Mourinho and Tiago Pinto there is no possibility that he will go away. At least this season. Another one who shouldn’t move is Edoardo Bove: Mou really likes it, after working on it for a year he would like to reap the benefits soon, but a lot will depend on which and how many players will arrive in midfield. In case he were to leave he would only be on loan, because Roma don’t want to lose him.


Riccardo Calafiori’s speech is different. Returning from the loan to Genoa, where he played just three games in the league and not only because of him, given the situation of the company, he finds himself at a crossroads: to stay in Rome, where however there are Spinazzola, Vina and now also Zalewski, or go out again? He is 20 years old, he has all the time, but he also needs, especially physically, to play. The idea is to try to have an experience as Pellegrini did: two-year loan, given that he has a contract until 2025, and possible agreement for redemption and counter-redemption. The same goes for the Italian – Australian Volpato who should go into retreat with Mourinho and then the coach will decide what to do since the boy likes him in Monza, Ascoli and Sassuolo. Sassuolo hypothesis also for Felix who could be included in a negotiation for Frattesi or possibly Maxime Lopez. Rome values ​​him at least five million, money that would be convenient for the coffers of Trigoria.

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