More than 380 candidates in the legislative elections committed to a bicycle Assembly

Having become a political subject in its own right, the bicycle is once again invited to electoral debates during the legislative elections. On May 24, the Alliance pour le vélo, which brings together several key players and associations in French cycling, drafted a plan to encourage candidates to commit to the development of cycling, once they arrive in Parliament. Two days before the first round, 380 aspiring deputies have already signed it.

For the collective, the objective is clear: to build a pro-cycling majority in the National Assembly, after the two rounds of voting (June 12 and then June 19). In the appeal provided to potential signatories, it is thus stated that they are in favor of ” to chase [leur] action in favor of cycling and active mobility, both within [leur] political group than with parliamentarians of all persuasions” and they commit “to bring the cause of cycling to the National Assembly and in [leur] constituency”.

A transpartisan goal

We have an email contact file, which we used to reach a good number of candidates, unfortunately not all of them.explains Karine Lassus, development manager at Vélo & Territoires. 380 candidates is already a lot for us; it may be little compared to the total number of candidates (there are 6,293 throughout France), but it seems important to us to identify relays in the National Assembly for the coming term. If a large part of the signatories are left-wing candidates, in particular from the NUPES, the announced objective of the charter is to “to be transpartisan”so that “all parties can seize it”.

During their mandate, the 577 deputies will have the possibility of pushing cycling policies by tabling bills which will certainly have little chance of succeeding for those not coming from the majority, but will have the merit of to bring cycling to the heart of discussions. If the bills submitted by the members of the government do not suit them, they can also complete them by tabling amendments.

A first base of ten measures

The platform provided to candidates also allows them to give their opinions and preferences on ten key measures, submitted by the Cycling Alliance and perceived as the priority projects for the next term. Among them : “double the current cycle network” to bring it to 100,000 km; “get everyone on a bike” supporting children’s learning; or “to make all our territories pleasant places to live”by bicycle.

This first base of ten measures had been established by the Alliance for cycling during the presidential campaign, during which the program of each candidate had been scrutinized. At the time of his election, on April 24, Emmanuel Macron had only made commitments on six of them, in particular not positioning himself on the “30 km/h in built-up areas” and “the mandatory sustainable mobility package”. By signing the appeal, some future En Marche deputies took care of it for him.

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