Joventut looks for an impossible in the semifinals against Barcelona

ANDhe Barcelona face the first ‘match ball’ in the semifinal against Joventut (2-1) willing to sentence the series to get into the final, where the real Madridwho settled their tie against the baskonia on the fast track (3-0). If the azulgranas win today (9:00 p.m.) at the Olympic, They will defend the title against the whites from Monday at the Palau. But you know that before another battle awaits.

Laprovittola protects the bal

Laprovittola protects the ball against Vives’ defenseEFE

the Penya, driven by his extraordinary hobby (impressive the pressure they put in the third game), he plays without a net, but he doesn’t give up although history says that no one ever overcame a 2-1 loss in the semifinals to five games. In the previous 27 with 2-1 a total of 14 series ended with 3-1 and the remaining 13 with 3-2. Joventut seeks to be the first to break that statistic.

Try to match the Barça physique to compete

To survive it will have to be at least as competitive as it was in the second game of the series and in some phases of the third. And that goes through try to match the enormous flow of energy that the azulgranas, more physicalThey splurge on the field.

Abrines prepares to try to feint Ventura during the third match of the semifinal.

Abrines prepares to try to feint Ventura during the third match of the semifinal.EFE

Jasikevicius is clear that the safe-conduct for his team is to do a great defense and do not give gifts to your rival in the form of turnovers. And in the third game they showed it. He gave the same had to wear down Davies and Sanli to try to cut down Tomic’s output (is averaging 18.3 points and 6.3 rebounds in the series). The American finished with four fouls and the Turkish, eliminated, which left many minutes to Smits as a pvot. And in spite of that sobremarcaje with helps the Croatian pvot finished with 21 points and 7 rebounds.

La Penya needs accompaniment for Tomic

That will be one of the keys again, but not the only one. Joventut needs support for Tomic and that Birgander keep level when the Croat rests. Vives, Ribas, Willis and even Bassas are the ones who are pulling the greenish-black car the most while waiting for the electric Happydisastrous in the third game, comes into play and that Vine contribute something more than in that meeting. Y need quick transitions so that the Bara does not have time to mount its suffocating defense.

Calathes drives the bal

Calathes drives the ball closely followed by Happy.EFE

But they are many threats you have to control given the quality of the Barcelona players. When mirotic plugs in, it’s almost unstoppable. can attest Joel Parra, who had a hard time with him in the last game. For that it must also contain the strokes of Higgins, Laprovittola, Abrines or the same Kuric who had 0/19 triples since April and scored 2/3 in the third. And he needs to plug the huge supply of Calathes and close to lime and sing their hoops before the voracity of Davies, Sanli and Smits. A titanic task, but not impossible, as they showed in the second match.

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