Italy smiles at the European Championships: 4 finals and 7 passes for the European Games

Between Saturday and Sunday in Monaco, Italy will play 4 medals: the continental title with the men’s Olympic team and the women’s compound, the bronze with Elisa Roner in the compound and the bronze Olympic mixed team. 7 out of 8 passes have already been won for the 2023 European Games

After the good tests in the world cup, Italy is not disappointing at the European Championships in Monaco. Although the rain and the harsh climate were not lenient with the archers in the competition, the blue team confirmed their excellent team performance which earned them three finals: two for the European title and one for the bronze. In the individual, it was Elisa Roner who held the flag high, earning the match that is worth bronze for the compound division, while in the Olympic Mauro Nespoli yesterday stopped a step away from the semifinal, stopped in the quarterfinals for 6-4 by the Spanish Daniel Castro.


In addition to the possibility of playing for international podiums that will add points to the ranking of Italian teams, the continental review also had another prominent value: it was giving away the European Games that will be played in Krakow, Poland, next year. . In this case, Italy did better than the others, because at the end of the team heats, it was the only national team able to obtain the pass for the men’s and women’s Olympic trio. In addition to the six places reserved for the recurvo, the pass in the women’s compound was added, thanks to the performance of Roner who, coming to play for a medal, gave Italy one of the two qualifications scheduled for this division. The men’s pass, the one that would have allowed Italy to close the European Championship with a full tank, has not arrived: today the qualifying tournament took place in which the athletes representing the teams not yet qualified took part and the blue Valerio Della Stua was overtaken by the Danish Stephan Hansen in the quarter-finals 146-140. The men’s compound national team can still gain access to the event on the occasion of next year’s European Grand Prix which will be held in England. If it succeeds, Italy will participate in the European Games in full force.


Returning to the continental review, the first challenge that can be worth the podium was won in chronological order by the Olympic mixed composed by Mauro Nespoli and Tatiana Andreoli. The blue airman and the standard bearer of the Fiamme Oro on Wednesday earned the bronze final scheduled for Sunday at 2.00 pm against Ukraine (Marchenko, Hunbin). The match, like all the others of the weekend, will be broadcast live on Olympic Channel, while Raisport will broadcast the matches of the Italians in the coming days. Nespoli-Andreoli reached the final by beating Denmark (Degn, Baek) 6-2 and Great Britain (Healey, Huston) 5-3, but were then stopped in the semifinals, by the hosts of Germany (Kroppen, Unruh) for 5-1.

Instead, Mauro Nespoli, Federico Musolesi and Alessandro Paoli flew to the final for the gold: the Olympic trio will take the field on Sunday at about 11.20 against the Spain of Acha, Alvarino and Castro. They earned the final for the title by beating Portugal 6-2, at the shoot-off with Ukraine 5-4 (27-26) and in the semifinal overcoming Great Britain 5-3. It will be the final for the gold also for the women’s selection of the compound. Elisa Roner, Marcella Tonioli and Sara Ret will play the highest step of the podium on Saturday, in the finals dedicated to this division: at 10.25 am the blue will face Great Britain (Carpenter, Gibson, Stretton), thanks to the victories obtained for 230-227 on the Netherlands and 233-231 on Denmark. Tomorrow, but in the afternoon, the young Elisa Roner will also take the field to compete for the compound bronze. The athlete from Trentino beat the Polish Ksenija Markitantova 139-133, the Ukrainian Kseniia Shkliar 145-138 and the British Ella Gibson 147-146, before being stopped in the semifinals by the other British, Isabelle Charpenter, 146-142. On Saturday at approximately 14:45 Elisa will play for the podium with the Turkish Ayse Bera Suzer and, on this occasion, she could make up for the bronze lost last May at the Plovdiv Grand Prix.

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