Hot summer Gazzetta: web channel for cyclists, special market and new local editions

On 11 July, exactly 40 years old, from the World Cup in Espana ’82 won by the Bearzot national team, we will give away the anastatic copy of the Gazzetta that celebrated that feat with the title “World Champions”

What talent will the Devil recruit to try an encore? And will Inter really arm anti-aircraft with Dybala and Lukaku? Will Juve be able to erase the disappointment by adding another big player in addition to the prodigal son Pogba?

To ride the long wave of the Gazzetta dello Sport, the most widely read newspaper in Italy, we needed a hot transfer market summer like the one to come. Our newspaper will analyze this session under the microscope with constant updates and on multiple platforms: among the many projects to color pink in the coming months there is, therefore, a special focus on the negotiations in Serie A, Serie B and in the most important foreign leagues. . They range from minute by minute on the site, with live broadcasts, videos and ad hoc columns, to a daily commitment in the columns of the paper edition: the two pages of “Piazza Affari” are the daily space to tell the hottest hits, with everyone the details and the background.

Local editions

The summer of the Magpie promises other initiatives. A starting point, almost the engine of the upcoming season, will be the strengthening of local pages. After all, it is the geography of the new A that requires it: with the historic first landing of the Monza, accompanied by the romantic one of the Cremonese, new squares all to be told knock on the door. But the same attention will also focus on the Center-South, with Lecce promoted to Serie A, on the basis of a continuous, growing proximity to the territory.

The biker

The same attention will be paid to many readers who, in addition to following the exploits of the champions, are themselves practicing sportsmen. A special vertical channel on is thus created for cyclists and the scattered world of bike enthusiasts. With a name that is a tribute to our founding fathers: it will be called Il ciclista, like the Milan periodical which, merging with La Tripletta di Torino, gave shape to the first historic Gazzetta on green paper back in 1896. It will be an open look at pedaled cycling, that of the many enthusiasts who would love to have a bib to participate in the Marathon of the Dolomites … Those who want to know everything about disc brakes or the telescopic saddle that allowed Mohoric to win the Milan-Sanremo.

Party and games

The novelty walks alongside the memory: we always go forward if we do not forget to look back, and the Gazza with its 126 years of history knows it well. For this reason, next 11 July will be a national holiday: 40 years since the Madrid final, from Italia Mundial, from Tardelli’s scream and Bearzot’s pipe. To celebrate a historic anniversary in Italian sport, an anastatic copy of the Magpie who celebrated the feat will be given away with the newspaper: the title “World Champions”, so simple that it remains in the legend.

Another of the initiatives launched successfully in recent months will also continue: every Tuesday on newsstands with the newspaper there is always Enigmistica Sport, a new magazine with crosswords, puzzles, sudokus and rebus strictly with a sports theme. In practice, the Encyclopedia of Games as a tribute for the summer.

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