Germany, what an attack on Lewandowski: "His embarrassing words to Bayern are badly advised ..."

Pole Artur Wichniarek, formerly Hertha, had his say on the case involving the center forward. And although he understands Lewandowski’s anger, he believes the way the bomber and his DA are handling the matter is wrong …

The push and pull between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski continues. The Polish center forward has made things clear, explaining that he no longer wants to play for the club. In Säbener Straße, however, they are not very convinced of the idea of ​​letting him go and underline that between the two parties there is a contract that expires in 2023. In short, a wall against wall, which does not seem destined to be resolved soon. The striker, however, does not lack criticism for his statements towards the team with which he won everything and which helped him to become a star of world football. The latest comes from compatriot Artur Wichniarek, ex Hertha, who speaking to SkyDeutschland had his say on the case involving the center forward.

“I think what he says to his club is embarrassing. Robert Lewandowski is receiving very bad advice at the moment.” And any reference to the prosecutor Pini Zahavi, who has already quarreled with Bayern at the time of Alaba’s failure to renew (getting the definition “money hungry piranha” from … always serenely Uli Hoeneß), is not accidental. Wichniarek explains that the main problem of the matter is the player’s agent. “I don’t think he’s very popular at Bayern, there are better relations with other prosecutors. But what Lewandowski and Zahavi seem to have forgotten is that Robert has a contract with the club. As his agent I would have said ‘let’s talk privately with Bayern. and let’s try to understand if there is a way to break free from the contract ‘”.

But it did not go like this, with the public statements of the center forward and the piqued response of the club, which through the mouths of the most important managers (president Hainer and CEO Kahn) categorically ruled out the transfer of the player to Barcelona. But why does Lewa want to leave at all costs? Wichniarek also points out that Bayern’s behavior was not blameless. “Robert was hurt by the way he has been treated over the past six months, particularly the Haaland issue. The club has said several times that they are not interested in the Norwegian, but in the end it turns out that there had been talks. And how. And that bothered Robert a lot. ” But perhaps he used … the wrong way to express it.

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