Gazzetta da Scudetto: the sports newspaper is increasingly leading

It is the most widely read newspaper in Italy. Boom of Facebook and Instagram. remains the first Italian sports portal and the “pink social networks” are growing rapidly

Once upon a time, with “pane e Gazzetta” we grew up. The pink pages were the spread to be spread, the condiment for a happy day also thanks to sport. In this era of fleeting reading and filtered information, often mad, La Gazzetta dello Sport still has the familiar taste of bread. And, above all, it is a healthy and robust newspaper, despite the fact that the publishing market has been upset by new consumption habits and the pandemic has driven many people away from newsstands. There is a fact that tells better than the others the last months of constant and impetuous growth: our newspaper is once again the most widely read in Italy. The confirmation in the new Audipress 2022 data: the Gazza in its newsstand version, growing by 7.9%, rose to 1,740,000 total readers against the 1,612,000 of the previous survey. No other newspaper in our country has such a high number of fans who devour its pages every day.

Return to the summit

Breaking down the numbers, then, it turns out that 1,580,000 readers are aimed at the paper version (+ 8%) and 223,000 at the “replica” version, or the digital one (+ 11.5%). The Audipress analysis includes three cycles of surveys over periods, fortunately, less and less affected by Covid: the first is from 19 April to 11 July 2021, the second from 13 September to 5 December and the third from 24 January to 10 April 2022. Overall, the increase is quite decided in a year in which the pandemic has slowly loosened its grip and the Italian enthusiast has gradually rediscovered his most beloved rituals: from the possibility of attending live events , to the point of filling different Serie A stadiums in each pin, reading the newspaper that those events have been telling about them for 126 years, since 1896. At the Gazzetta home, the surge in circulation is also striking, with a round number next to the + sign in April 2022: + 42.7% compared to the same month a year earlier. This figure is preceded by the + 36% resulting from the comparison between the months of March 2021 and 2022. In the Ads data, the total audience, calculated as the sum between the print edition and the digital replica, therefore reached 105,015 copies against 73,588 in April 2021 Accompanying the diffusion was an exciting championship like few others with the Milan-Inter scudetto derby that inflamed the spring. When the Devil returned to champion on 22 May, the Gazzetta del Giorno came in rare numbers for these times: 318,488 copies in print and over 250,000 sold seem to be numbers from another era.

On digital

The Magpie of 2022 is, however, a complex ecosystem, in which paper and digital are ready for a continuous dialogue. Not surprisingly, the excellent result of the site is also accompanied by: is firmly confirmed as the first sports portal in the entire Italian information landscape. Without forgetting the social networks that have just passed a record May: it was the best month ever for both our Facebook account (19,384,934 interactions, + 20% compared to April, and fan base climbed by three points in 2022) and especially for Instagram, with 15,690,303 interactions (growth of 20% on the previous month) and + 51% of followers in just one year. If we also add TikTok, with its 107,500 followers, at the end of May the total social audience on our channels had exceeded 3.3 million and interactions over 28.5 million. Even on different networks and with new uses, tastes have therefore not changed: pink continues to accompany bread every single day.

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